Future Forces Magnet Invetions

Past, Present, Future

Over the Years, Magnets have kick-started some pretty cool inventions. Some are : Maglev Trains, The Compass, MRIs', and Electric Toothbrushes to name a few. All of these inventions have not only helped people, but have saved some lives along the way. Maglev trains use magnets to look like they are floating. The magnets on the bottom of the train and on top of the rails repel against each other, thus the illusion of levitation. The Compass is used to find where North, South, East, or West is. One of the tips of the needle in the compass is magnetized, so if you stand still, the needle will point to north. But, there are still many things to invent with magnets, and some of them might improve, or even save lives.

Invention 1 : "Mix-n-Match Earrings"

This might have been already invented, but anyway, the first one is earrings. On the back end, you have a circular magnet. On the other side, you have a small flat magnet. You can attach different colored magnets to the earring base, so you don't have to have your ears pierced! You can wear the base plain, or add dangly accessories to your base! (hence the name mix-n-match)

Invention 2 : Safety Door Lock

This wouldn't work with more than two door locks, but it still would work with one or two. The key card could have a positive magnet on one edge, and the door lock could have a negative magnet in the lock. When the key card is near the negative magnet, the magnet moves out of the lock. Then, the door opens. Then, to lock the door, you just swipe the card infant of the door knob. If you have a positive key card, you cannot open a positive door. But, if you and someone else have the same key card, you can enter through their door, thus only having two doors like this. That said, the magnetic lock would probably be very effective if used for a storage room.

Invention 3 : Drawer Handles

The one is similar to the second, where two things have to match up to be able to work. But, this will need a strong magnet. Again, depending on what you are using this for, you can only have two. This one would work well as a cashier register drawer. You need a drawer handle that has a magnet at the end. The drawer you open has to have a spot that is the opposite magnet to the handle or be entirely magnetic. When the two touch, if you pull gently, the drawer should open. The way that this could be effective and possibly save lives is : You are a cashier, and some one walks in and demands money. You realize that the big bills (20's, 50's, 100's) are in a drawer underneath the counter. You ring up that manager and say a secret code like "Can the manager please come to register 11." Then they realize something happened. They call the police, and then come to the area calm. They open the register, and by then, the police are there to rest them. Possible lives are saved (If he had a weapon.)

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Leya Ahmed


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