2019 Board of directors election Grand Valley Power

Election of Directors

The business and affairs of the Cooperative shall be managed by a board of nine (9) directors which shall exercise all of the powers of the Cooperative except such as are by law, the Articles of Incorporation or portions of these bylaws conferred upon or reserved to the members.

The persons named as directors in the Articles of Incorporation shall compose the Board of Directors until the first annual meeting or until their successors shall have been elected and shall have qualified. Each member of the Cooperative shall be entitled to vote in the election of directors on the Board of Directors either at a meeting held for such purpose or by mail, but not both. Mail voting shall be in writing on ballots provided by the Cooperative. The mail ballot shall be voted by the member, placed in a special envelope provided for the purpose so as to conceal the marking on the ballot, deposited in a return envelope which must be signed by the voting member, and mailed back to the Cooperative. A mail ballot received in a signed return envelope but without a secrecy sleeve or inner envelope is nonetheless valid and shall be counted. Envelopes containing mail ballots shall remain sealed and uncounted until the meeting held for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors. Directors shall be elected by a plurality vote of the members.

We are dedicated to delivering value to all we serve.

Election Qualifications

To be eligible for election or appointment to, and to serve on, the Cooperative’s Board of directors, a person shall:

  • (a) Be an individual with the capacity to enter legally binding contracts;
  • (b) Be a member of the Cooperative and have been a member of the Cooperative for at least twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the election;
  • (c) Maintain his or her primary residence in the area or territory served by the Cooperative;
  • (d) Be served by the Cooperative;
  • (e) Not be engaged in any business, nor employed by or materially affiliated with any individual or entity: (1) Regularly, directly, and substantially competing with the Cooperative or a Cooperative subsidiary; (2) Regularly selling goods or services to the Cooperative or a Cooperative Subsidiary; (3) Otherwise possessing a substantial conflict of interest with the Cooperative or a Cooperative subsidiary;
  • (f) Not be an individual that has been an employee of the Cooperative within two (2) years prior to serving on the cooperative’s Board of Directors.

Any member which is not an individual and which has been a member for at least twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the election may designate in writing an individual partner, shareholder, member, manager, officer, board member, or employee who will then be eligible to be appointed or elected or remain a director just as an individual member, provided the individual so designated satisfies the requirements of subsections (a), (c), (d), (e) and (f) above. If the designee becomes a director, the designee shall remain eligible to serve as a director as long as the member designating the director remains a member, provided the director is not otherwise disqualified. The designation of the individual by the member may not be changed as long as the designee is a director.

We strive to do the right thing, holding true to our values and principles.


A nomination for director on the board of Directors of the Cooperative shall be made by written petition signed by at least fifteen (15) members of the Cooperative, and filed with the Board of Directors of the Cooperative no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the election. Any petition so filed shall designate the name of the nominee and the term for which nominated. The name of the nominee shall appear on the ballot if the nominee’s qualifications and nominating petition is are in apparent conformity with this section as determined by the Cooperative’s Election Supervisory Committee and confirmed by the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the number of people nominated for directors is less than or equal to the number of vacancies, the Board of Directors may determine to eliminate the mail ballot for that election and have the directors elected by the members present at the meeting of the members.

We seek to find new and better ways to serve our members and communities.

Meet Our Candidates

Rod Martinez

Rod Martinez has been a Grand Valley Power Director for the last eighteen years. Rod is presently President of the Grand Valley Board of Directors, Vice-President of the Colorado Electrical Education Institute and Colorado Rural Electric Association Director. He has received his Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate, the Board Leadership Certificate and is a Director Gold Certificate member. Rod has been a resident of Grand Junction and a Grand Valley Power consumer for the last 32 years.

Rod is a native of Colorado Springs. Rod and his wife, Susan, have two grown sons and three granddaughters. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in marketing and business administration. Rod worked for Sears Roebuck and Company for 28 years. Rod is currently the President of the Ouray County Arts Association Board. Rod is past President of the Grand Valley Audubon Society. Rod has represented Grand Valley Power at numerous statewide, regional and national meetings. Rod has also been a spokesman for GVP and its members to our state and national Legislators and Senators, advocating reliable and affordable electrical power.

Rod is the author of five hiking pack guides for Colorado Mountain Club Press. These hiking pack guides will take you through the many beautiful areas of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.

Nina Anderson

Nina Anderson has been a Grand Valley Rural Power cooperative member since 2007 but she is no stranger to rural electric associations. Her dad was a 25-year employee with YVEA (Yampa Valley Electric Association) who would troubleshoot calls in the middle of the night and would retire as a line engineer - he modeled the passion and the responsibilities of being a cooperative member.

Nina is the owner of the Express Employment franchise with offices in Grand Junction and Montrose. She has been serving in the grand valley for over 12 years from her time on the board with Western Colorado Human Resources Association, Mesa County Women’s Network, Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, and currently as the Chair of the Mesa County Workforce Development Board. She is also active on the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce legislative committee.

As a western Colorado native, Nina is very interested in maintaining our collaborative heritage and protecting our ability to access affordable energy. While collecting signatures she heard from neighborhood members an appreciation for GVRP’s financial help in times of need and their issues regarding legislative mandates that may increase their utility expenses. She believes that an important way to positively impact these concerns is to be involved. Please consider voting for experience and passion with a vote for Nina Anderson.

Sylvia Spangler

Sylvia was born and raised on a ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she attended a one room school during the summer. She remembers the excitement when the lights came on in her home. Having always lived in a co-op territory in Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Colorado, she believes strongly in the cooperative principles.

In 1972 Sylvia and husband, Gene, moved to Collbran where they put down roots and raised three daughters and worked a cattle ranch. In 1991, Sylvia finished out her husband’s directorship at Grand Valley Power after his untimely death and has served as a director for the past 27 years. Community is very important to Sylvia. She serves as Plateau Valley Association president, Plateau Valley Cattlewomen, Plateau Valley Historical and Preservation committee, a 4-H leader and FFA supporter, and a member of Collbran Congregation Church. Sylvia has owned and operated a tour business, gift shop and serves as fill in cook for her daughters Twisted Sisters Bakery and Cafe.

One of Sylvia's greatest joys is watching her 10 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren grow into productive young adults. GVP and community are very important to Sylvia. In addition, technology is moving very fast but maintaining service and value to all customers remains her utmost goal. Serving as director for Grand Valley Power has been a great experience.

Carolyn Sandeen-Hall

Carolyn was appointed to the GVP Board of Directors in 2016 and currently serves as Vice-President. She has lived in the Grand Valley since 1975 when she began her 35-year career in District 51. After teaching elementary school at Fruitvale and Wingate, she retired in 2010. She works facilitating international teacher exchanges with Australia. She married her husband Geary in Grand Junction and was the bookkeeper for his plumbing business from 1982 until 2015. Now retired, they enjoy travel, golf, and volunteering. They have a 27-year-old daughter, Stephanie.

Carolyn has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Los Angeles, a Master of Arts from Northern Arizona University, and post-graduate work in school administration from Western State College. She has served on the Board of Directors and as Vice-President of a state education organization, gaining experience in long-range strategic planning, budget development, hiring and evaluation of executive staff, and political lobbying.

I have worked diligently to understand the challenges facing Grand Valley Power and the electric industry today. I am committed to the guiding principles that have served our consumer members well for over 70 years. Thank you for your consideration and your vote.


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