Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week ending January 20, 2017

Important Dates

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 6P.M. - 7P.M.

Middle School Science Fair

Saturday, February 4, 2017

CAS STAR WARS OPEN HOUSE-Please bring friends and help spread the word about our awesome school!

Monday, February 20, 2017

No School Presidents' Day

February 21-24 2017

No school Winter Break

Spaghetti Dinner

Save the Date!

CAS Auction Fundraiser will be on March 18th!

4th-8th Graders

Interested in joining Swimming or Track?

Saint Francis High School will be hosting the swim meet on Friday, March 24th at 4pm. If you are interested in representing CAS this year, please email me.

The track meet will be heald at Saint Francis High School on Staurday, April 29th at 2pm. If interested email me and I will add the interested students to the CAS track team.

Fees: None

Thank you,

Andrew Terry

Yearbook Order Form

The 2016-2017 Yearbook is now available for pre-order!!! Please find attached the order form for your use or swing by the Office to pick up a hard copy order form. Please pay special attention to the order by date. All orders before March 17th will be $25.00; after March 17th, yearbook orders go up to $50.00 each.

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parent,

This week's celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. serves as a wonderful prompt for conversations around upcoming changes with the inauguration and how social justice work is a necessary, ongoing commitment for all Catholics no matter the politics.

Consider taking time to talk about the beautiful, powerful force the human spirit is. Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa changed the world with the force of their love. Share your heros...and what makes America great for you. Kids not only love to learn from you but they need to hear about your beliefs, values and hope for the future.

May God bless our soon-to-be President with love for all that we are and can be, and may God continue to grace our country with peace even in our differences.

And to President Obama, my thanks.

With gratitude for all who gave to let our freedom ring,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers we are focusing on being a friend to Jesus. We discussed that we can achieve this by being good friends to each other. We must be kind with our hands and our words.

For our Montessori lesson this week, we are learning Humpty Dumpty. Later this week we will be acting it out. We are working on our large muscle skills by grinding coffee beans. We are also working on tracing the lowercase letter l and matching skills. We look forward to our visit with Mr. Finnerty and having him talk to us about being a pilot.


It is amazing how our Preschool/Pre-K are coping with ease as we transition into a more Montessori daily schedule which provides more work time, more learning and provides a balance between work and play, between priorities and free choice, and between required and optional activities. The snack area provided a venue for the development of social skills as they invite friends with ,"Would you like to have snacks with me?" Sometimes, it's a "Yes." and sometimes, " Not today, maybe next time. " And the excitement started in making their kites and flying their kites "

Friday was also the start of the interaction activity with Community helpers. Lt Col Brian Finnerty ,(Sam and Charlie's dad), talked to us about his work and advised us to listen to our teachers and do our best.


This week in kindergarten, students enjoyed a beautiful afternoon learning about the sacrament of baptism. They listened to a story and ended with a group Hail Mary prayer. While outside, the students have also been preparing their science fair project. Stay tuned for their project in two weeks!

First Grade

The grade 1 writers have been putting pencil to paper with our latest writing project on storms. With the weather we have been having, the timing could not have been better. Students used their own experiences and a bit of their imagination to create descriptive sentences. Some even researched storm information from one of our past texts. We look forward to putting together our final products!

Second Grade

The second-graders started their project-based activity in Math. They worked in groups as they honed their skills on Measurement, Time, Numeration, Geometry and Estimation in one thought-provoking project. This project also brought out the best in their communication and life skills. They have just discussed sense of responsibility and accountability a day before and they already found ways to apply it in the classroom.

Third Grade

Welcome to Lucy and Jordan

Third Grade welcomed two visitors from China into the classroom this week. Lucy and Jordan are visiting CAS from Beijing for the next 5 weeks. We welcomed our visitors with cards. Students began the week by sharing their favorite animals, ice cream, sports teams and movies. CAS Third Graders used their iPads to translate their responses into Chinese. The next month will be a great opportunity for CAS students to enhance their Mandarin skills while Lucy and Jordan enhance their English.

Fourth Grade

This week the class welcomed several guests visiting from China. Ethan has a new home in the 4th grade class for the next five weeks. The class had the opportunity to become better acquainted with Ethan. They shared a little bit of information about themselves and are working on creating an iMovie for the class to remember Ethan, and for a keepsake for his him. These ice breakers helped welcome our new guests to Catholic Academy.

Fifth Grade

This week in 5th Grade Robotics, the students worked on completing their project write-up for their Ambient light intensity projects. The project write-up consists of a description of their project in detail.

In Industrial Design, the students worked on redesign of X-ray googles and Ear thermometer project.

In Mandarin, they learned about the Chinese Zodiac.

Sixth Grade

This week in 6th Grade Science we are collecting data to provide evidence for how the motions and interactions of air masses cause changes in weather conditions. In addition, we are developing and using models to describe how unequal heating and rotation of the Earth cause regional climates.

Seventh Grade

7th grade:

The 7th graders learned how to use the switch and loop blocks with the color sensors to make the robots sense multi-colors at a given time.

They also added audio to the robot.

In Art and Design, students finished up their group projects and 3D printed one of them, the X-Ray machine glasses/goggles. These goggles are designed for doctors to use before and during surgery.

​The 7th and 8th grade art apprentices explored a different form of art. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., the art apprentices studied the civil rights movement and researched "freedom songs", and different types of art, such as graffiti.​ Both music/songs, and artwork alike have a powerful message. The questions the students had to answer were, why do you think music would be a powerful way to get your point across? How are songs similar to or different from speeches? What type of art is being created? What kind of reaction has this art received? How is it helping people to overcome an issue?

Eight Grade

The Grade 8 students had an informative discussion with Fr. Maurice in Religion this week. Christina shares, "I learned that during presidential inaugurations that leaders swear on their religious holy books. For example, Christians swear an oath on the Holy Bible while Muslims swear on their holy book, the Quran." Students discovered that, once again, God truly is everywhere.


If the term "development" means truly means the act of growth and progress, then so too must it apply not only to children, but teachers as well. On our past in-service day I learned a lot from my colleagues and cohorts about developing our current PE program. I am proud to say that our students at CAS are performing superbly in terms of overall aerobic fitness and variety of sports exposure.

This week our football unit has developed some great throwing and catching skills and how they relate to specific muscle movements of the biceps and triceps. On the occasions that we have specific health classes, we reinforce knowledge gained from our physical practices to concepts about overall fitness and wellness. Newer practices included some high speed sprints vs. a regular timed run and other exercises designed to target muscles more specific to prevent football injuries.


The topic of this week is "春 spring," "春聯 near year couplets," and "年年有餘 may you always get more than you wish for." The students already learned to write "福 blessing" last week. For this week, the students used the red papers to cut a word, "春 spring;" and, they tried to write "年年有餘" four words with a fish craft because the last word's pronunciation is as the same as fish's pronunciation. Fish is a symbol of May there be surpluses every year. On the other hand, the students understand how the Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. The students knew more about Chinese culture through the lesson of Chinese new year.

Word lists:

春 chūn

春聯 chūn lián

年年有餘 nián nián yǒu yú

恭喜 (Congratulation) gōng xǐ

Extended Care

The recent stormy weather has not slowed the pace of Extended Care one bit as the fun has simply moved more indoors. This weeks activities included beaded necklaces, Northern-Lights landscapes made from blended acrylics, vanishing point explosions, geo-metric squiggle designs,and student made fresh cooked "build-a-taco".

Does your child have specific homework goals? Would you like them to do their daily reading (times) before being picked up? Please let one of the Extended Care staff know how we should best direct your child's extended day in our program.

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