Moments with Trees Newsletter - August (2018)

Moments of shade from sun and shelter from the much needed rain
Massive thank you National Lottery players!

Our veteran elms

It was an incredibly sad August day for all at Nene Park, when we lost one of our four veteran elms to Dutch elm disease. In the 1970s the UK lost approximately 65 million elm trees due to the disease, but our four managed to survive for nearly 150 years. A lot of this is thanks to Nene Park's rangers who, over the last 30 years, have carried out daily checks between the months of June and September when the beetle that carries the Dutch elm fungus is in flight. If they notice potential signs (yellow, wilting leaves), they get a team in to remove the worrying branch and prevent the fungus spreading to the main trunk of the tree. Despite this care and attention, they couldn't prevent the spread of the disease this summer to one of our elms.

I would like to thank our rangers and the Nene Park Trust for the hard work, diligence and expense that goes into protecting these rare, majestic trees.

Greg and Tom checking for signs of Dutch elm disease


Tree Species Survey

Environment Agency

A top team from the Environment Agency came to carry out the Tree Species Survey in Bluebell Wood. They covered tricky terrain - identifying and counting trees on the slope between the Riverside Walk and the top path. They got stuck in and picked up tree ID very quickly. The dominant species in this section were ash and oak. Thanks for you help and being a brilliant team to work with!


A wonderful team from NGA carried on where the Environment Agency finished. They were so keen to learn tree ID and picked it up very quickly. The dominant species were again ash and oak, but also elm. Hazel, field maple and many young elms formed the understory. Thanks for your help and being so keen to learn tree ID - we hope it continues! We will be working with another team from NGA in September.


It started nice and dry!

It was great to have another team from YBS come to support the Tree Species Survey. They were so enthusiastic and excited to learn tree ID. Sadly, their newly acquired skill was not utilised as much as they would've liked when the glorious sunshine turned to extremely heavy rain! Even in the downpour, they wanted to continue and we did try, but it got very tricky looking up to identify trees with large raindrops falling in our eyes...

And ended very very wet!

Thanks for being so much fun and so determined to help! We hope you get to practise your tree ID in drier conditions.


It was great to have a second team from MasterCard come to identify and count trees in Thorpe Meadows. They were as keen and as quick to learn tree ID as the previous group. A big thank you for supporting the work we do here! We have now finished the survey in Thorpe Meadows and we look forward to processing the results - all who worked on this area will know what the dominant species is... the invasive Norway maple!


BGL sent another great team to work on the Tree Species Survey in Bluebell Wood. They surprised themselves with how quickly they picked up tree ID. They worked well in dense woodland and didn't let stinging nettles of brambles stop them moving through! Thank you for you help.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

A group of young people from NCS came to carryout the Tree Species Survey in Bluebell Wood. They liked spending time in the woodland and could confidently identify the ash and oak by the end of the session. They returned the following day to pick litter around the Park. A big thanks for all your help!

Travelex - day 1

It was great to have an enthusiastic team from Travelex come to support the Tree Species Survey. The more they learned about trees, the more they wanted to know and they left in awe at the amazing things trees do! It was a pleasure talking trees with you!

Travelex - day 2

The second Travelex team were just as enthusiastic and happy to get up close and personal with our trees! The teams started and finished the wooded area either side of the Travelex office. These were particularly tricky sections. Fallen trees and dead hedges did not stop them stomping through the woodland to count the trees. Thank you for your help, it was great having you!

Defra - willow removal

There is a pond behind this wall of willow

We were lucky to have a team from Defra return for pond protection. They removed willow from around the FrogLife ponds at Thorpe Meadows to prevent the ponds drying out. Much force was needed to pull the willow from the pond's bank, but they managed just fine! Thank you so much for your hard work in the hot sun. This work has saved the ponds for another year and is a prime example of wrong tree, wrong place. We are looking forward to the planting season (October to March) so we can plant the right trees in the right place!


Tree Detectives - self-led family trail

Collect your sheet from the Visitor Centre

Want to hunt out impressive trees? Pop in to the Visitor Centre and Gift Shop to collect a Tree Detectives activity sheet. Then follow the route around Overton Lake to Coney and Oak Meadow to find interesting trees and learn lots of fascinating facts about them. Return to the Visitor Centre to collect the answer sheet and your prize.

This trail is free of charge all thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund!

Apple Pressing Event - Sunday 23rd September

10:30-12:30 and 13:30-15:30 workshops

Save your apples!

Stamford Community Orchard Group (SCOG) will be hosting a pressing event. It is a free event on processing and preserving apples and other tree fruit. So if you have any fruit trees, come and learn how to process and preserve the fruit as juice, cider, vinegar, wine, chutney etc. There will be samples to taste and a chance to start preserving your own fruit using SCOG's processing and preserving equipment. Participants can bring apples and containers. There are limited places for this event, so if you are interested, do book early to avoid disappointment.

Tree Trails

Install the TiCL application on your mobile phone (available on Google Play and the App Store), find the Lynch Wood or Woodston Reach Tree ID trail, follow the route, find the trees and learn about the species in the area.

Native Tree Trail and Top Trumps

Collect your sheet from the Visitor Centre

Collect a Native Tree Trail and Top Trumps booklet from the Visitor Centre in Ferry Meadows, follow the trail, meet the UK's native trees and learn interesting facts about them. Cut the cards out to create a game of Tree Top Trumps!

Willow Tunnel and Maze

Collect a leaflet from the Visitor centre and Gift Shop


A tree's look on life...

People of Peterborough asked an old tree a question and the staff at Nene Park and other organisations have answered them. Download the Universitree document to read the interesting answers and learn fascinating facts about our magnificent trees.

There are a limited number of copies available at the Visitor Centre and Gift Shop.

Tree Hunt and Broomsticks - October half term

Last year's Tree Hunt and Broomsticks

The Tree Hunt and Broomsticks event will return this October half term! As before, the witch has lost all of her belongings in the trees. Find the trees, find the items and she'll reward you with your very own broomstick to fly away on. Children will make their broomstick from wood resources in the Park. Please dress for the outdoors and wear suitable shoes for a woodland walk. Halloween costumes are welcome! For ages 7 upwards.

Mon 22 Oct - Woodston Reach, meet at Orton Mere Car Park

Tues 23 Oct - Thorpe Meadows, meet at Thorpe Meadows Car Park

Wed 24 Oct - Ferry Meadows, Bluebell Wood, meet at Milton Ferry Bridge

Thurs 25 Oct - Ferry Meadows, Ham Mere, meet at Badger Play

This event was extremely popular last year, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The Big Tree Hunt

The Big Tree Hunt happened... We walked the pretty walk with a wonderfully friendly group who were all interested in trees! They were able to identify a good number of trees by the end and all stated they are likely to do the walk again. A big thank you to all who came - you made it a great day! And a big thank you to Gareth, who met us with refreshments and treats at Thorpe Meadows and again when we arrived at Ferry Meadows - it was just what we needed!

Should you wish to take this walk independently, you can download the trail leaflet from Nene Park's website. Sadly, Gareth will not be there with refreshments!

Photography Exhibition

Holly and Morgan helping the selection

A huge thank you to all those who sent images in! We are so pleased with all the entries we received. It is an extremely difficult task choosing the photos that will be displayed. Thankfully, we have photography students from the Peterborough Regional College giving up their time to help us. We are aiming for an exhibition launch date in October - more details to follow in the September newsletter.

Branching Out

Free workshops to schools!

We are now taking bookings for the autumn and spring terms. There are limited spaces, so please book early!

Peterborough schools can book a free tree-themed workshop for each class within a year group and/or an assembly called 'The man who built a Park' which informs children and teachers of the Park's creation and Peterborough's development 40 years ago.

To book, contact Hannah at hannah.keeley@neneparktrust.org.uk or 01733 308774

Delivered to all year groups.

All the Moments with Tree's events are free of charge, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and its National Lottery players - huge thanks!

You can follow Moments with Trees on Twitter for daily tree tweets @moments_w_trees

If you would like to receive this newsletter direct to your inbox, contact Hannah hannah.keeley@neneparktrust.org.uk.

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