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CollegeBuys is the systemwide procurement and contracting program for the California Community Colleges (CCC). The program leverages our system's economies of scale to develop compliant strategic agreements that result in immediate and long-term cost savings, and operational resource conservation.

CollegeBuys is guided by the CCC Procurement Advisory Group, and various system stakeholders, in determining contract priorities and opportunities for pricing access and parity. In securing agreements, CollegeBuys ensures compliance with California's stringent Education, Government and Contracting Codes, thereby minimizing risk for any CCC piggybacking on agreements.

In the past 15 years alone, CollegeBuys (Foundation) agreements have resulted in $500 million of cost savings -- enabling the CCCs to stretch budgets and reinvest funds back into classrooms and student success focused programs.

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For contract inquiries and support, please contact: cbcontracts@foundationccc.org

About CollegeBuys

CollegeBuys is a program of the Foundation for California Community Colleges (Foundation) delivering specialized services for the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and Chancellor's Office. CollegeBuys specializes in pooling resources between our community colleges to obtain best pricing, best value, and uniform service delivery while supporting local procurement operations. "CollegeBuys agreements" are synonymous with "Foundation agreements."

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  1. Using CollegeBuys (Foundation) Contracts
  2. Pooling Resources and Best Value through CollegeBuys
  3. Procurement Resources

Using CollegeBuys (Foundation) Contracts

Piggybacking is simplified when using CollegeBuys agreements which are based on California Public Contract Code (PCC) 20652 and 20661.

PCC 20652 enables community college districts to piggyback on CollegeBuys agreements code as long as the District Board deems it to be in the best interest of the district and enables the piggyback action. Contracts must have been secured in accordance with the public corporation's own procurement procedures. The Foundation is a public corporation in accordance with California Education Code 72670.5 thus uniquely mirroring the procurement procedures of California Community College districts, and this means greater alignment in contracting procedures.

PCC 20661 enables the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges to enter into agreements on behalf of any or all the California Community Colleges as deemed in the best interest of a college district. This contracting authority has been delegated by the Chancellor to the Foundation (i.e. CollegeBuys), and as such, all CollegeBuys agreements are covered by PCC 20661 and carries a lowest-cost presumption.

For contract inquiries and support, please contact: cbcontracts@foundationccc.org

Pooling Resources and Best Value through CollegeBuys

CollegeBuys pools the system's resources when it represents the California Community Colleges in negotiations with industry-leading providers of goods and services to:

1. Secure best pricing and pricing parity. Best pricing is readily available for larger institutions in our system, but often times our smaller and/or rural colleges end up paying more due to their circumstances. CollegeBuys, by negotiating for both large and small, urban and rural, colleges can seek out consistent pricing and cost savings for all community colleges.

2. Secure consistent service level expectations for all colleges. Similar to pricing negotiations, service level expectations are often compromised for smaller accounts, which may correspond with a college's size. CollegeBuys, as the contract-owner demands corporate-level accountability. This means the entire system is seen by the corporate partner as a unified relationship - and by working with the system's Procurement Advisory Group, we are able to collaboratively seek out solutions and remedies to inconsistencies in service delivery.

3. Ensure compliance. Compliance is a key pillar to all CollegeBuys agreements. CollegeBuys operates a transparent, hybrid public-agency and community college contracting process to ensure the compliance of our community colleges with the law when piggybacking. Again, CollegeBuys works with the system's Procurement Advisory Group in ensuring applicable laws and statutes are applied in the contract development process -- streamlining the contract-piggyback-process.

Procurement Resources

CCC Procurement Advisory Group and Regional Workgroups

CollegeBuys Quarterly Newsletter Library


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