Indus River Valley Best RiVer In the world

Living in the Indus River Valley will provide us new and fresh water daily. Moving here will get us a trading route and food and water source. The Indus River Valley is great for farming. The silt from the Indus River helps the crops and plants grow. One of the best things about the Indus River Valley is that the temperature is always about 65 degrees and 95 degrees. The Indus River in northwest of the Ganges River.
Mohenjodaro is a community in the Indus River Valley. They could be a main trading source. They have mountains that have fresh water. The fresh water is great for drinking, bathing and for farming.
The Indus River Valley would be great for farming because of the river and the great soil. The Indus River provides silt for our farming.
It may not be as good as the Nile in some parts, I think the Indus River Valley with be a great fit for our tribe.



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