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James Obergefell

Argued that states decisions to ban same sex marriage went against the fourteenth amendment of the constitution, and that the ban violated their fourteenth amendment rights.

Richard Hodges

The director of the Ohio State Department of Health argued that the fourteenth amendment does not mention anything about same sex marriage therefore it was up to the states to decide.

The Decision

The Majority decided that the 14th amendment guarantees marriage as a fundamental liberty that it protects and that this applies to same sex couples just as it applies to opposite sex couples. The reason marriage it is a federal liberty is because it is the strongest safeguard between two people to raise children and build a home. Because there is no difference between same and opposite sex couples in that respect. denying same sex couples the right to marry, is denying them of their fourteenth amendment rights.

How this affected the country in law

This Decision changed the law by stating that all marriage whether it be same or opposite sex was legal in all states of the United States of America.

How this affected the country in culture

This decision also changed america culturally by allowing same sex couples receive the same benefits and burdens as opposite sex couples.

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