Event & Activity Insurance protecting Parent organisers of hea events

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Wonderful - you are thinking of planning or organising an event or activity!

As an HEA member, you can access our group insurance which will deem you a HEA Volunteer running a HEA Event.

Cover for Parent Organisers of Events

Sport and Event Public & Property Liability

$20million dollar Public Liability Insurance

This cover is what you often need to hire that hall or venue. You can also use HEA's Charitable Certificate to seek a discount for not-for-profit hire.

Insurance for the Organiser of Events including sports and any other occupation incidental thereto or associated therewith, including ownership and/or occupation of premises. Legal liability to third parties for Injury and/or Damage to Property caused by an occurence in connection with the Insured's business (HEA). *Playground equipment exclusion.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY : Public Liability $20,000,000 each and every Occurrence Products Liability $20,000,000 each and every Occurrence and in aggregate.

Additional Western Australia third party work cover included.

Personal Accident cover as a Volunteer Worker.

This cover is for the volunteer parent organiser of the HEA Event.

Limited $10,000 up to $1,000,000 cover, Death or Injury.

Paid tutors or instructors or the like are not covered. And they must have their own insurance cover in order for HEA's insurance to cover you as a Volunteer.

Important: Notify your HEA Event for insurance cover

Only HEA Members will be able to login and access the Insurance Kits

Read through the Kit and if you have any questions, please email contact@hea.edu.au

By Notifying your Event, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, which are included in the Kit. Try and give as much notice as possible - 2 weeks is great.

You will receive an email from the Committee once your Notification has been reviewed, with the insurance certificates included. This usually happens within 3-5 days of your notification, but may take slightly longer. Meanwhile go over the Kit quite well and keep planning your Event.

If you haven't received your insurance certificate after a week, please email insurance@hea.edu.au

*You must be a current financial member throughout the duration of the events or your insurance will be void.

*At the end of each calendar year the event notifications will be reset. Long term event notifications will not be carried over to the following calendar year and you must resubmit all events again during the new calendar year.


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