Sea Creature

During our Mantle session the children used their imagination to pretend that they were on a pirate ship. They thought about what sea creatures might live underneath the sea and we used a search engine to explore them further. We set up a small Sea Life Centre and the children enjoyed playing with the small world resources.

This week in Mantle the team also met a sad looking sea creature. Again the children used their imagination to ask the sea creature questions to find out why she was so sad. We found out that she was really lonely and would love to go on an adventure. The team quickly befriended the sea creature and invited her to become an Exciting Explorer just like them.

This week our focused story was Ruby’s Worry that linked into anti bullying week. The story was about a little girl who had a worry and the more she kept it to herself the bigger it got. When she eventually shared her worry things didn’t seem so bad. The children all agreed that if they had a worry the best thing to do would be to share it. During the week we discussed different emotions and made some lovely friendship bracelets.