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Medium of Art/Technique of Artist

As soon as I walked into the Harn Art Museum, I was instantly captivated by one of the first styles of paintings I saw. The technique in the works done by Hiram Williams was what caught my eye. Seeing the Palm Tree With The Sea painting in person helped me understand it more because I was able to clearly see the technique used to make the painting. Using mixed mediums was what made me so interested in it. I love artists who use combinations of drawing, painting, and other forms of art in one work. To me, because I am not originally from Florida, the painting expressed more than anything the comfort of living in Florida. I have lived here through one winter and there hasn't been a day where it has not looked like that here at least at some point throughout the day and it made me feel happy to see it expressed by Williams in the work.

Better picture of the art!
Picture of me with the art.

Design of the Museum

I found the exhibit of American Abstract art to be particularly appealing and aesthetically pleasing. This was overall my favorite exhibit of the art museum. I loved the variety of art above all but I also appreciated how the room was arranged. I thought they picked good spots to put the art, which is usually hard to do with abstract art, and also had good lighting which is also hard to do with abstract art. I really liked the use of space in this exhibit and it made me feel like I got a deeper understanding of the art because you could have art on all sides of you and literally be surrounded by it and with abstract art it really makes you think when you try and understand all of the abstract art.

Picture of me in front of the exhibit sign.

Art and Core Values

I think that the work "Going to the Fair" by Helen Hyde spoke to one of my biggest core values which is family. Seeing the families go to the fair made me think of my family and how much I used to love doing things with them and how important they are to me. The art work instilled many emotions in me. I felt happy because I love my family but also sad because they are all in Illinois and I miss them. It helped me better understand and enforce my core value and belief because it gave me such a strong immediate reaction to it. I have never had such a strong reaction to one work of art before I saw that piece.

Selfie with the work.
Better image of the work.

Art and The Good Life

The work of art that I found that specifically shows me aspects of the good life is Cundo Bermudez's Cuarteto Habanero. They are playing (implied) happy music on multiple instruments in this painting which shows togetherness, music, and happiness which are all in my opinion elements of having a good life. It communicates that theme to the audience by leaving it a largely abstract painting which makes the observers have to come up with their own conclusions. It helps me have a stronger appreciation for these themes because this painting could be of people who live without a lot of modern technology that we take for granted. You don't need a lot of fancy things to have a Good Life if you have people you can share your time and what you do have with.

Picture of the art.
Selfie in front of the art.
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Brandon Kodish


Introduction picture Created with images by Tama66 - "cloister monastery courtyard" All other photos taken at the Harn Art Museum by me.

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