SUMMER CAMPS 2020 Farmington Hills Special Services

The City of Farmington Hills Department of Special Services is excited to announce that our revised 2020 Summer Camps schedule will begin July 6th.

Your Planned Camp Experience

Our leadership team has been working very hard to develop a camp experience that will be both fun and safe, as we provide positive activities, outdoor play and socializing for your children during these treasured summer months. We recognize the need that some families have for supervised summer programming for their children. Keeping that in mind, here are a few things to note about our 2020 camps:

  • In-Person Summer Camps will be offered for 8 individual weeks, beginning the week of July 6, and ending the week of August 17
  • Camps will be offered for ages 5 and up. Five year olds must have completed kindergarten
  • Camps will be held from 9:00am-3:00pm, excluding Costick Camp which will be held 8:00am-5:30pm, and Golf Camp which is 6:30-9:00pm
  • The number of participants in each camp will be limited to follow safety guidelines
  • No extended care available
  • Covid-19 safety and mitigation protocols will be practiced (see below for details)

HogwARTS Camp

Dive into the artistic world of Harry Potter and friends with this Hogwarts and HP themed Art Camp! Enjoy painting, drawing, sculpture and more while also discovering the houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. We solemnly swear you’ll be up to no good in this adventuresome art experience. Five year olds must have completed kindergarten.

Location: Stables Art Studio (Heritage Park)

  • Age 5-8 | July 6 - 10
  • Ages 9-12 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $210/$225

Camp Creative

Stretch your imaginations and have a blast in this fun mixed media camp! Many different projects, themes and media will be explored throughout the week, including painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking and more! Dress for a mess and bring a snack (or lunch if full-day). All materials included. This camp takes place at the Heritage Parks Stables Art Studio. Five year olds must have completed kindergarten.

Location: Stables Art Studio (Heritage Park)

  • Age 5-8 | July 20 - 24 | August 3 - 7
  • Age 9-12 | July 13 - 17 | July 27 - 31

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $210/$225

Art Around the World

Young artists set sail for an art adventure! Each day we will trot around the globe or travel back in time to discover ancient, traditional, and contemporary art forms from different cultures around the world! A variety of media will be used, including painting, drawing, 3-dimensional, and more! Five year olds must have completed kindergarten.

Location: Stables Art Studio (Heritage Park)

  • Age 5-8 | August 10 - 14

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $210/$225

Camp Cedar & Maple

Camps Cedar and Maple are located on 211 acres of land where our campers will spend time hiking the trails, playing games, and enjoying nature. Each week we will enjoy a visit to the Nature Center.

Location: Heritage Park

  • Age 6-12 | July 6 - 10 | July 13 - 17 | July 20 -24 | July 27 - 31 | August 3 - 7 | August 10 -14

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $130/$140

Costick Camp

We are committed to providing your camper a safe and exciting summer camp experience. This summer we will meet new friends, create art projects, play outside, adventure through virtual field trips, try out new fitness activities, and much more.

Location: Costick Center

  • Age 6-12 | July 6 - 10 | July 13 - 17 | July 20 -24 | July 27 - 31 | August 3 - 7 | August 10 -14 | August 17 - 21

8:00am - 5:30pm | R/NR Fee: $210/$225

Archery Experience Camp

In this informative and very hands on camp, students will learn all about safety, proper handling, T-form and techniques to be successful in archery. Students will gain an understanding of the many forms of archery from recurve, compound and even cross bow, FITA, NFAA targets and rules, field archery, and 3D archery. We will have a friendly competition on the final day with trophies for top male and female archers, and pins for all. Equipment rental included for class but feel free to bring your own equipment. Bring lunch.

Location: Riley Archery Range (Heritage Park)

  • Age 9-17 | August 10 - 14

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $175/$185

Ranger Apprentice Hunger Games Camp

These books have sparked an interest in students to learn the skills required to survive in the wilderness. Students will learn the key components in wilderness survival skills. From fire starting without matches, wild edibles, survival knots, wilderness first aide, track and scat identification, shelter building and plenty of archery practice and skills. Your student will be better prepared to survive in the great outdoors like Will and Katniss!

Location: Riley Archery Range (Heritage Park)

  • Age 9-17 | July 13 - 17 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $175/$185

Golf Camp

Participants will work on their swing and grip on the driving range, develop a smooth putting stroke and have the opportunity to play a few holes each night. At the end of camp, each golfer will receive a certificate good for one nine-hole round of golf.

Location: Farmington Hills Golf Club

  • Age 6-15 | July 13 - 16 | July 20 - 23

6:30 - 9:00pm | R/NR Fee: $90/$100

Plus Skateboarding Camp

Whether you've never been on a board or you're a seasoned shredder, Plus Skateboard Camp is for you! Learn board set-up, safety tips, history, graphic design and more. Instruction based on individual skill level. Rain or shine. Each participant receives a skateboard deck to custom design, screen prints their own Camp t-shirt, diploma, sticker pack, and more. Each student must provide their own skateboard, helmet, and lunch each day. For more information, call Plus Skateboard Shop 248-426-0899.

Location: Riley Skate Park (Founders Sports Park)

  • Age 5-18 | July 13 - 17 | July 27 - 31 | August 10 - 14 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $209/$219

P2 Soccer Camp

P2 Soccer training provides a professional soccer experience for children ages 6-16. P2 trainers are from around the world and each holds a professional coaching license from their home country and the U.S. Each day players focus on a skill, how to execute properly and how to apply to real game situations. Campers should bring shin guards, soccer cleats, tennis shoes and a lunch daily. Players receive a T-Shirt and evaluation.

Location: Costick Center

  • Age 6-16 | July 6 - 10 | July 20 - 24

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $195/$210

Nature’s Way Camp

Explore nature and the outdoors through hands-on activities, games and art projects focused on the natural world. While each week focuses on a unique theme, campers will have a variety of experiences including hiking adventures, outdoor skills, gardening, stewardship and having fun outside! Campers will visit the Nature Center and even help grow the Children's Garden. Be prepared for outdoor adventures with a lunch, water bottle and wear comfortable shoes.

Location: Farmington Hills Nature Center (Heritage Park)

  • Age 7-11 | July 6 - 10 | July 13 - 17 | July 20 - 24 | July 27 - 31 | August 3 - 7 | August 10 - 14 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $140/$150

Eco-Kids Camp

Campers will experience the perfect blend of art and science as they become active scientists; observing, wondering and investigating the living things we often overlook. They’ll share their findings though art and photography, helping to protect the plants and animals of Heritage Park. Campers should bring a lunch and prepare for outdoor exploration each day.

Location: Farmington Hills Nature Center (Heritage Park)

  • Age 7-11 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $190/$200

Eco-STEM Leadership Experience

A unique opportunity for teens, ages 13-16, to excel over the summer while experiencing a variety of labs, citizen science, and green engineering. Explore how nature and STEM skills are applied to solving local problems and discover exciting STEM careers. Full scholarships available. Call (248) 477-1135 for more information.

Location: Farmington Hills Nature Center (Heritage Park)

  • Age 13-16 | August 17 - 21

9:00am - 3:00pm | R/NR Fee: $130/$140

To print or download the 2020 Summer Camps brochure click here for the digital flipbook.

Safety & Mitigation Protocols

In our new health landscape, managing risk and safety protocols are being redefined. Unfortunately, due to the nature of COVID-19, at no point can we guarantee that the risk of Coronavirus at camp will be eliminated. However, with careful planning and closely working with state and local health officials, following CDC guidelines, Michigan’s Safe Start Plan, and working alongside several organizations within the parks and recreation industry, we have created a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, consistent with the State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Guidelines for Safe Day Camp Operations During COVID-19. The plan includes:

  • How we will monitor symptoms of COVID-19
  • How programs will practice social distancing, as developmentally appropriate
  • How we will ensure hygiene (including regular cleaning and disinfecting)
  • How we will obtain and use of safety equipment
  • Communication and Training to staff, parents, and campers related to new expectations
  • Isolation of procedure in case of symptoms or confirmed cases onsite
  • How to maintain required staff to camper ratios in the event of staff illness.

FAQ Sheet

Please contact Anne Wardle at awardle@fhgov.com or 248-473-1800 with any questions.

Costick Center | 28600 W Eleven Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48336