THE Divine Experience CURATED by morgan jenness

Spacial experience: The stage was dark the lights dimmed and snow began to build into drifts on stage creating a magisterial effect that in itself was enough to temporarily quiet the audience before the play began. the theater is a spacial experience that instills awe into my soul at every exposure. being in a theater as well built as the Constans Theatre is nice and lavish compared to the older public theaters.
Social Experience: Going to this play with my best friend was a great choice. we have decidedly labeled this play the first we have experienced that was a full blown "play-ception", a play within a play. This plot twist made it another layer of intricate me and my friend both enjoyed. I found this play about social justice brought about by theater to be a social justice for theater itself. My experience was that having my friend there made the experience a little more intense. I laughed harder that much is for sure.
Cultural/intellectual experience: The theater is the place where all social realities are fair game to be subject or content of a ridicule. This means very uncomfortable topics like sexual assault have critical roles in the plots such as in The Divine. Personally it did not phase me in the least because i have seen plays like this before. I found it relieving that the portrayal of the victims reactions were realistic because its important to portray the reality that most sexual assault goes unreported and why that is so. I found the theme of exposing the darkness to be present throughout the play. Sarah Bernhardt was the vessel of this exposure and, In the factory, her discovery is used to lead into a more gruesome topic, the death of a child. Over all a very thought provoking play.
Emotional Experience: Would not recommend the emotional experience this play provides to cheer people up. This play is depressing. It reveals the brainwashing aspects of blindly believing all religious leaders in retrospect of the time period. I personally felt very tense in this play because of my life experience to the extent that it was cringe worthy at times. The play has theme of catharsis but i will say no matter how you present it no one comes away clean from sexual assault, when you include it in a play you only expose a reality people often times are trying hard to forget as shown in the play itself. the feeling of catharsis is lacking detail in its ability to define the opportunity plays provide. i would say it is more along the lines of a modern day reality check using history as a focal point to build a plot around. Over all the play was well acted and i enjoyed some of it.
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