My Life By Alissa

I was born in Madison, and I moved to Oregon when I was really little. I love Oregon. Everything is really close, and I live in the middle of Oregon, so I can ride my bike to pretty much anywhere in the town. I like to go to Ofroyo or Ziggy’s with my friends. I live near a few parks, so my sister, me, and lots of kids from our neighborhood like to meet up and play capture the flag, 500, and ghost in the graveyard.

I play lacrosse for the Oregon lacrosse club. This will be my second year playing lacrosse. My favorite position is being a middie, or mid-fielder. They run the most. I am also a teen activist for girls rights. I’m in a club called project girl, and we are going to travel to different schools pretty soon to present some things.

My favorite band is Skillet. I’ve only been to one of their concerts so far, but I’m going to another one really soon. Every year I look forward to summerfest in Oregon to go on rides and watch the fireworks. I also look forward to Homecoming because everyone is wearing orange and black and everyone’s in the team spirit.

Me and family like to camp at Devil’s lake a lot. That’s where we have been going since I was really little. But my favorite place in the world is Yellowstone National Park. I’ve only been there once, but it was amazing. I almost got trampled by a wild bison at one point.. But other than that it was really awesome! My favorite part was wolf watching in Lamar Valley.

My family really loves football, we are huge Packer and Badger fans. Someday I hope to go to a Packer game with a few of my closest friends.

The most important things to me in life are my family and my friends. I have an 11 year old sister in 5th grade, her name is Tia. My Mom is like my best friend, I tell her everything.

My Dad is really awesome too, he takes me and Tia to a lot of fun places, like laser tag and movies

I have 3 dogs, one cat and a bearded dragon. One of my dogs has three legs, her name is Tally. She’s a pikanese. I also have a chiuaha named Tyrion (Named after my Dad’s favorite show, Game Of Thrones) and a chiuahua poodle mix named Lacy. My cat’s name is Louie. And my bearded dragon’s name is Beast (My sister named her Savage Beast, we call her Beast for short).

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