Jackson, A National Hero! by: dargonslayer1337

Andrew Jackson served in the Revolution when he was 13 years old, and he was orphaned at 14. While nursing ill soldiers, his mother contracted Cholera, which eventually killed her.
Andrew Jackson was a war hero. He led the Americans to victory during the Battle of New Orleans. He lost 20 men compared to the 2,000 men the British lost.
He won the election in 1824 becoming the 7th president. He was the first "common man" to become president, which showed that not only the rich could have positions of power.
While Andrew Jackson removed Natives from their land, he gave them national reserves to live on, and provided more fertile farming land for American farmers.
Jackson shut down the Bank of U.S. because he felt it only benefited the rich. He may have defied the Supreme Court, but he did what he believed was right.
Jackson put a tax on imported goods, because less people would buy imported goods, and more people would buy goods made in America. This boosted our economy.
"One man with courage makes a majority." -Andrew Jackson


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