Change Proposal for The Hershey Company ASHLEY GOMEZ, RYAN mCkenzie, Madison mealor, charissa ocealis

Matthew 25:13-30

  • He who showed great responsibility with little is given much responsibility



  • Well-known brand and strong public image


  • Low profit margin compared to competitors


  • Technology could drive growth
  • Adolescents and teens are spending more than ever before


  • Consumer shopping habits are changing- More online shopping, less impulse buying

Lack of technology presence

Today's society is extremely technology-oriented, and Hershey is behind in the game in using technology as a marketing tool.

Branded Mobile App


  • Research shows a correlation between branded mobile apps and customer satisfaction, which links to purchase intention.
  • Hershey's competition is already utilizing apps.
  • Smartphone use and apps have become more popular over the last decade.

Demand Shifts:

  • People are more dependent on technology than ever before. Online shopping is becoming preferable over shopping in-store.
  • Millennials are spending more now than past generations.

Kotter's Change Model

  1. Losing sales from a large demographic (millennials) due to lack of technology presence
  2. Board of directors needs to communicate with the technology innovation team
  3. Introduce The Hershey Company branded mobile app
  4. Find companies that are willing to advertise on the app
  5. Release app to employees of Hershey's first to detect bugs and other issues before public release
  6. Monitor sales and collect other data after the release of the branded mobile app within the first year
  7. Create a reward points system and offer free shipping along with other incentives to VIPs
  8. Continuing to update technology to be relevant to future generations


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