May 10th,1994 Journal Entry 1

Hi as for today I became Nelson Mandela’s new bodyguard.He recently became our new president of South Africa I find it surprising he’s our first black president of South Africa.Hopefully he can change this place around the blacks are very poor and barely have enough to make it through the day. While the whites are being spoiled.I've seen this on numerous occasions.I was passing by in my car one day while I saw the whites in gym class with their expensive rugby gear and their coach training them and fresh water after they're done playing also a white coated fence around their grass field they play in.I looked on my other side and saw the blacks and they were playing soccer a less expensive sport.They didn't have gym clothes they were playing in cloth that draped over their shoulders they looked dirty like they haven't showered in days they didn't have a coach out there and they had no water and the fence was made with wire and the field the played in was dirt.I could by far see the unfair difference between the whites and the blacks.I’m counting on Nelson Mandela to fix this problem.According to his track records he has been put in prison before for 27 years. What he did wouldn't be a crime in my opinion he stood up to the government because they were committing egregious rights.I believe if he stands up for what he believes in he can change this country in a way.

May 11th,1994 Journal Entry 2

Today is Nelson Mandela’s first day in office.I’m a little anxious to meet him in person for the first time.I’m standing in front of workers in the office by the front doors waiting for him to arrive.The doors pushed open and there he greeted me with a nice firm handshake.I guided him to his room but I noticed something very strange about the workers when he entered the building.They were all staring at him in a very odd way and they moved their stuff when he passed by almost as they were trying to pack up their stuff.I know Nelson Mandela noticed it but it didn't bother him to much.Once we reached his office he sat down in his chair behind his desk.Murmuring can be heard from outside of his office.I listened closely to the voices outside of the office and that's when I heard “Is he going to fire us because we are white?” Almost everyone here is white except me and Nelson.He heard the same thing I heard a nice lady gently approached the room.I think it was his manager or something.He ordered to meeting at once.Everyone gathered into a large room were Nelson was standing in the front and the workers were sitting in the chairs.He silenced everyone and began speaking.He reassured everyone he was not going to fire them because of their color,religion or beliefs.It was 1st day in office and he already made a impact on alot of people.

May 15th 1944 Journal Entry 3

It's been 4 days now that Nelson Mandela has been working in office I think he is doing fairly well.Today he is going to meet the Spring Box rugby team Its the rugby team of South Africa.Althouogh the blacks hate the rugby team because all the people on the team are white and the blacks think its representing the whites of South Africa.If the blacks supported the rugby team they would be beaten up by other blacks.I hope Nelson figures this out soon.When we got to the rugby statuim all of the players were lined up waiting for Nelson to arive.He shook hands with the captin of the team but Nelson didnt know any of the players names.He shook hands with everyone else and wished them luck.In the car he held a newspaper and read everyones names of the rugby team and tried to memorize them. About 20 minutes later he asked his manager to quiz him on the names she showed him a picture of one of the rugby players and he instantly said “Francois Pienaar” she nodded and continued quizzing him until he named all 31 players on the rugby team.Tomorrow we are going to the rugby game to support the spring box.The day of the game their was a roaring crowd in the bleachers all excited but when Nelson Mandela entered the stadium the crowd was yelling at him and booing him some were happy but most of them disliked Mandela even though people were booing him he still waved to the crowd.He stood in front of the Spring Box rugby team and named all 31 players and told them good luck they all seemed surprised he named all of their names but I guess it came in handy.The Spring Box lost that game that afternoon putting their their game in jeopardy.

May 20th 1944 Journal Entry 4

It was a normal day in the office until Mandela heard the news that they might not continue the Spring Box team due to so many losses.For one I didn't think this was fair.Just because their is the smallest chance they were going to make it to the championships and win the World Cup.I escorted Mandela to the car were his manager was driving and me and him were in the back seats.He didn't say much on the way over to the meeting I guess he was just trying to think how to persuade other people's choice.We reached the meeting and even though i told him to wait after the singing was over to say what he wanted to say he opened the doors and interrupted the singers he went behind the podium and started to talk.He told everyone how important the Spring Box team was important to south africa and how it impacts everyone and told them that they try their hardest on the field.Their for when everyone voted it was a landside by keeping the Spring Box team.After the meeting was over going into the car again his manager was getting very mad at him for doing what he did.I can by far see Mandela make a bigger impact on us than any other president we ever had.

Journal Entry 5 1944 July 16th

The Spring Box team progressed and started winning every game they were put in after that meeting.The Spring Box team was put in the finals against England at the World Cup.The Spring Box trained all most all day and Mandela was their to watch all of it.When the day of the world cup came Nelson Mandela came into the stadium to wish them luck but instead of people booing Mandela they all cheered.After Nelson was done he took a seat in the bleachers.As for me his body gaurd its my job to make sure nelson does not get hurt.A plane was comming in from the right side I walked off the bleachers and alerted the other sicurty gards.They noticed it also it was coming down low at the satuim.I grabbed Nelson to a safe shelter i could hear everyone gasping and running as it got very low everyone watched were it was now over the statuim on the bottom of plane it read “Good luck Spring Box!” everyone took a sigh of relief and got back in their seats.The game was very intense especially the opening dance England did.It’s used to get into the opponents heads and make them anxious.I have noticed during the game if Spring Box got a point actually some blacks would stand up and start cheering.Once to game was almost over it was fairly intense because they were only beating them by a landslide.This is it I said to myself after the Spring box player kicked the ball it flew through the air and got in the Tee.Everyone was cheering and yelling.I believe as the head security I have seen Nelson Mandela make a big change to our country.


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