There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here paccarik orue

Paccarick Orue, the "There is Nothing Beautiful Around Here" photographer immigrated from Lima, Peru to the United States in the early 2000's. Neglected neighborhoods in the Bay area resonated with him, eventually photographing them for the world to see.
Images from "There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here"
"There Is Nothing Beautiful Around Here is a photo-book about the struggling city of Richmond, California, a place that has a reputation as being one of the most crime ridden parts of the Bay Area. The book depicts unexpected moments in a place where people have come to expect only ugliness and suffering."

Richmond, California, a place that has a reputation as one of the most crime ridden parts of the Bay Area.

Near San Francisco and other major cities.

Perimeters of Richmond, California.

"Richmond, California is a place where many families are struggling with rising unemployment, foreclosure, poverty, and the ensuing violence and substance abuse. This situation has accentuated Richmond's reputation for being one of the roughest parts of the Bay Area. However, Richmond is also a place where turkeys walk past on the sidewalks, dogs guard their owner's properties, people ride horses in the park, and fire hydrants cool the hot afternoons. During one of my visits, a middle-aged African American woman asked me why I was taking pictures in her neighborhood. I answered that it was beautiful. She responded, "there is nothing beautiful around here". Beauty and sorrow live side by side in Richmond. This body of work documents this contradiction, the character of the city and the pride of its residents." - Paccarik Orue.

TAKE AWAY: Even in ill-kept cities and locations, there's beauty among the wreck. You can simply apply this by observing your surroundings and finding the beauty within it.

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