Lewis & Clark By: Gaireth Anderson & Kurt Dallmeyer

Key Players

  • Merriwether Lewis- He was the Co-Leader of the Western Expedition, partners with William Clark
  • William Clark- American explorer, soldier, Indian agent, and territorial governor
  • Thomas Jefferson- Supported and payed for the Western Expedition, sent Lewis and Clark off to the west
  • Patrick Gass- Served as sergeant in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. He was important to the expedition because of his service as a carpenter
  • Sacagawea- A Native American Woman who helped the Lewis and Clark Expedition achieve each of its chartered mission objectives exploring the Louisiana Purchase
  • Native Americans- They helped Lewis and Clark get around areas and they also taught them new things and showed them new species

Expedition Accomplishments

  • New Plant and Animal species- they found many animal and plant species such as the Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goats, and other flowers.
  • New Map of the United States (Mapped most of the new western states)
  • Promotion of the Population in the West- They provided people with knowledge that helped bring population to the west.

Hardships/Dilemmas Faced Along the Way

  • Upstream Rapid waters, they were hard to travel because they were rowing against the water and tired them out quickly
  • Faced wild animals and insects, some such as ticks, leeches, bears, and more
  • Faced Native Americans
This is a picture of a stream that has rapid flowing water.

Plant/Animals Discovered on the journey

  • The plants and animals discovered on the trip to the west included...Bears, Mosquitos, Coyotes, American Raven, Bull Snake, Mountain Goats, Great Blanket Flower, Bear Grass, Golden Yarrow, Glacier Lily, Antelope, and a Bitterbush.

The Route Taken by the Lewis and Clark Expedition

  • Lewis and Clark started in Virginia, and then up North to get used to living as a woodsmen. After they trained they went West to find people to go with them on the journey. They took a translator by the name of Sacagawea.

Items and Tools Taken on the Journey

Money, Guns, Tomahawks, Knives, Horses, Wagons, Keelboats, Tepees, Food, and Peace coins for encounters with native tribes.


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