Gemina - Bando ft Emtee & Frank casino Music Video Treatment

Music video is a cinematic action thriller about finally taking it easy at "The Bando" after a hard day of work
Gemina Major
Frank Casino
The Boss And The Huns
The narrative follows Gemina Major,Emtee & Frank Casino plotting on getting away with the bosses huns and the diamonds.
The video opens with a build up of a race about to go down. Cutaways of the excited crowd gathering, the cars and the women. Then we cut to Gemina having an intimate conversation with the Boss's girl.
When the race starts Gemina Major sends a signal to the boss's hun who "Green Lights Everything" be ready with the diamonds and the rest of the hunnies.
The performance set will see Gemina in the drivers seat performing to camera in double time while the car his driving in is in real time and full speed. This cutaways will be shot cinematically in a way that we capture the atmosphere to enhance the full impact and adrenaline of a high speed drag race. The race will be shot in low shutter speed to show the speeding vehicles
Emtee's performance set is built into the narrative as we see him go into a nearby parking lot as soon as the race ensues to be later disrupted by the cops.
Cutaway of Emtee sneaking into a parking lot
He Performs directly to camera as he runs from the cops by foot on the empty city streets
It the parking lot we see the Boss's girls move expensive luggage from the Boss's Maybach into the get away BMW' 325is's and other sports cars in line as he sits there tied up and left behind when they see police sirens
Frank Casino back at the bando going around the house entertaining the ladies while performing directly to camera
Cutting to B-Roll cutaways of party living dynamics where we see them celebrate their victory back in the Bando
Video ends with a cameo shot of (Cameo) driving around in the bosses maybach bumping the sound track as the boss struggles to free himself from the bonnet of his car

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