The REVOLUTION History about the French REVOLUTION

Absolute Monarchy

The causes of the French Revolution were :

  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Estate System- Social Inequality
  • Economic Injustice- Taxes
  • Enlightenment Ideas
  • Revolutions such as American Revolution
Estate System ( Social Inequality )

The King and upper class men taxed the Proletariat and the Burgeoisie leaving the nobles and the Clergy not paying taxes. By taxing the poor workers and not taxing the nobels or Clergy the estate system caused social inequality. The enlightenment ideas caused the peoples to question the churches ideas which eventually made them separate from the church. Men got the mental power to question traditional ideas because of the idea that man could think for himself. The American Revolution and Glorious Revolution were huge influences on the French people. It gave the French people the idea to come up with a different idea for government.

Overall Sucess

‚ÄčThere were some gains made by the Revolution in France. The old feudal rights of the lords had been abolished in 1789, and much of the church land that had been seized by the government and sold to investors eventually ended up in the hands of the peasants. The system of taxation had also been revised so the burden did not fall so heavily on the peasants and other members of the Third Estate. The National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which said that men are born free and are equal before the law. Many citizens also had a taste of liberty, equality, and power. The Revolution also stirred feelings of national pride that had not existed before. The Revolution saw the beginnings of socialist theory, which are the necessity of economic planning and a greater equality between the rich and the poor.



Napoleon was known to be a hero to some people but was seen as a villain to others. Both sides have valid evidence and reasons to why they would think of napoleon as how they view him now. Napoleon was a strong military leader which allowed him to expand the territory of France, and for the fact he modernized France. Napoleon was being seen as a villain because of the battles he fought, and the amount of soldiers that died. He stopped all the bloodshed from the revolution and prevented a return of the Bourbon monarchy. As well as enlarging the French empire, Napoleon made changes to the countries which shared a border with it. Napoleon was strong and powerful military commander, he fought most of his enemies and it tooked seven coalitions to defeat him.

Overall I personally feel that Napoleon was a hero. Napoleon was a very serious and powerful man. He was very smart and brought success to France. He guided all his wars to victory based on strategy and action. Napoleon granted constitutions, led his army to victory, introduced law codes, abolished feudalism, and created efficient governments. He may have made some bad choices and done some bad things but they all came back with positive outcomes, which is why Napoleon was definitely a hero.

The US was not to happy about the French Revolution. The French Revolution caused the US a great deal of trouble. It splited the country between pro-British and pro-French factions and it led to many problems in foreign policy. The British and French went to war and the US was caught in between with both countries preying on US shipping to the other country. This led to near war with the French and finally to the War of 1812 with the British. Overall many of the countries was mostly upset about the French Revolution and with Napoleons wars.

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