Introductory page experience of watch "the divine: a play for sarah bernhardt"

The divine was the second play I have seen till now. But this is the first english play that I watch in the USA. I went to Constance Theater with two of my friends in 1/25 at 7:10 pm, and expected the play a lot.

The spatial experience

The date I chose for the performance is 1/25/2017. I came to the Constans Theatre at 7.00 pm and I saw many students from the IUF1000 all waiting outside. Then I entered the Constans Theatre, The first thing that I saw when I was inside was the coat which is in the picture above. This coat actually drive me to thought the american culture in the past, but I could not figure anything out since I did not learn the american history when I was in my high school, That was also the reason why I felt quite mysterious after I was at the lobby. When the light dimmed and audience quieted, I felt exiting and was pretty expected the awesome performance of the actors and actresses. Before the performance, I read some material in order to know the background of this story, where this story happened, and what kinds of people will involve in this performance. After reading those material, I had a few of questions in my mind. For example, in the background information, it was said the Leo was a children who worked with in a factory and his mother also was a employ in that factory. In my mind, I thought Leo's mother would definitely asked his son to leave this factory no matter how poor she was, since it was not great for a children to work in a factory!, but his mother allowed him to work with her without any deliberation. This question stimulated me to expect the performance a lot in order to find the answer for it. From my perspective, all auditorium should not be too small since it needed enough space for the movements of the actors and actresses and could make the audience enjoyed the show. I sat in the first row with my friend Tommy Wang. The reason why I sat in the first row was that I wanted carefully listen to the actors, found a proper answer for my own question, and also figured out a method to seek for good life. The role of place is a important factor, at least from my perspective, which can stimulate people to seek for good life. Take a child who lived in a poor mountain region for example. I once knew a child, Feng Li, who lived in China. His family was so poor that his parents could not offer him to go to high school, but Feng Li did not give up his education and decided to learn by himself. He worked pretty hard on very subject and finally passed the university entrance exam. In this instance, I thought the role of place can always stimulate people to work hard and seek for their own good life.

The social experience

I went to the Constance Theater with two friends, and they are Weng LI and Yu Liu. Before the performance, I and Weng Li ate our dinner in Yummy City. We two guys met up with Yu Liu inside the Constance Theater. We spent nearly 20 minutes inside waiting for the performance and discussion the thing which might took place during the performance, since all of us expected this performance a lot. I chose to sat in the first row in order to watch and listen the actors and actresses much clearer. Before the performance, I and Yu Liu were attracted by the snow scene, since in our previous experience, we never saw the snow scene before any performance we had watched in China. He thought this snow scene might reflect the cultural difference between western countries and eastern countries just like my country, China. In addition, all of us read the study guide of this performance and discussed about the play which could help us to understand it much better and deeper. Since sharing my own ideas about the play with my best friends is the real exiting and meaningful staff to do, I now think cooperation between friends can play the important role in seeking the good life. Citing Link:

The cultural and intellectual experience

This story happened in December 1905 in Quebec City. most people in that place especially the poor people were suppressed spiritually all the time. For example, many people had to work in factories to support their kids to go to school or their daily life, although they always got unequal treatment by their boss. Michaud was the first actor showing up in the performance, and his passion really shocked me and meantime reminded me to think about some novels that I once read when I was in my high school, since so many characters in those novels that I read had nearly the same experience with Michaud. When the play continued, the theme of this play was demonstrated much more thoroughly by all actors and actresses. The person that gave me the unforgettable impression was Leo. Firstly, he was quite innocent. During the first phase of the play, his brother stole a fork and a knife from the school and sent to their mother as the gift, after Leo knew his brother stole the things from the school, he immediately required his brother to send them back to the school. Leo's behavior really touched me. Although he died finally, I believed he did find his own good life. In the middle of the play, the boss asked all his worker to show how their working circumstance is good to all visitors. However, realistically speaking, all those workers in the factory were always suppressed by the boss and their legal rights were threatened by the boss. Bernhardt, the divine, at this point, behaved to enlightened those works to resist those bad social environment and fight for their legal rights. The next person I would like to mention is Sarah, the pretty famous actress in the world, actually enlightened me and provided me with some new views on the subject matter and refreshed my understanding of my new entered culture. In my daily life, I actually was always oppressed by many staffs when I was in high school. For example, I decided to attend a boxing club at that time. Nevertheless, my parents drastically denied me to go to the boxing club since they thought joining the boxing club will make me fail in many exams. One of my dream is to become a master of boxing, now I knew how to fight for my dream and seek for my good life by Sarah's suggestion, and I will never forget Sarah in the future. To sum up, I think we need to explore the play thought its historical background to understand it better, and I believed we can always find something in the play which is parallel to our own life. citing link:

The emotional experience

Katharsis, the Greek word for process of coming clean, is perfectly showed and illustrated in the performance. Leo and Sarah actually made me feel shocked and moved since they always pursuit of their good life with no fears even though they were always oppressed by the social circumstance. Before the show, I am a university student who majors in Math and always worry about the impending exams of all courses that I took. However, after the play, nearly most of the actors and actresses show their way to seek for good like and I actually sunk into the play, and find out my own method to find the good life. I was quite relaxed by the perfect performance. In addition, the plot when Mr. Brother came to factory and persisted asking the boss to tell the location of Leo actually make me feel that Brother is the person who liked to fight for the rights for other people. However, this plot really directed to think about my own life, the thing is that I think, from now on, I cannot just live for myself, and I should also live for others, those that I never know or say the strangers. When their legal right was threatened by some bad and evil people, I should show up in front of them and help to fight for their legal rights. I should not worry what the outcome is, and as long as I decide to do one thing, I need to always keep the thing in my mind and persist to do it and never give up, and I believed that this is the reason why good life course would like to ask students to watch this performance.

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