Spirit, Pride + High Fives Jeremy Garza, Simone Beauchamp, Josiah Dunkin

It is sad to say it, but Homecoming Week's peak has already passed. Sure, the dance is coming up on Saturday. But Spirit Bus will forever and always be the best part of the week. A school day filled with visiting and spreading Raptor pride to other schools is the day to miss. A day filled with laughter and high fives. A day to remember and pass on to Eaglecrest's feeder schools.

Ignite Raptor Spirit

If you have been to a Cherry Creek Schools elementary or middle school you know the feeling of sitting in anticipation for the high school spirit bus. I remember sitting in the hallways and pounding the ground chanting, “E-H-S.” I remember hearing the band start to play and everyone screaming, “Hey, baby / who ha.” I remember pleading to the high schoolers with my wide eyes to get a pompom and subsequently bragging to my friends when my begging worked.

Raptors perform the "Party" chant fresh off of the Spirit Bus at Peakview Elementary School (Jeremy Garza).

Clockwise starting from top left: Soccer representative Javier Marquez holding up a Raptor for all to see; Darrell Sessions playing away in Antelope Ridge Elementary School; Raptors run through around Sky Vista Middle School (Jeremy Garza).

Spirit Bus to Remember

For many at Eaglecrest - students and staff alike - we pride ourselves on school spirit. And there is no better exemplification of this spirit than our Spirit Bus. A fixture of Homecoming Week, spirit bus is an opportunity to showcase our school’s very best: in academics, activities, and athletics. Undoubtedly, it’s an impactful event for everyone involved.

Participants in the spirit bus, like senior Aaron Frimpong (center) bring Raptor pride to Eaglecrest's feeder schools on the day-long trip on October 5th (Simone Beauchamp)

(top) Student leadership members get the spirit bus representatives ready for the trip, starting the day off with chants and the fight song. (bottom left) Cheerleaders follow the band as they make their way around Antelope Ridge Elementary. (bottom right) Senior Trinity Chevier fist bumps a stretch of elementary schoolers. (Simone Beauchamp)