Albinism sometimes looking like snow is cool

Those things were adorable. If you don't think so, then i don't know what you think is adorable. Those lion cubs are albino. Albinos are special. As you saw, those lion cubs were white. No, they weren't painted, and no, they weren't a new species of lion. They were white since birth cuz they are albino. Albinism is sex linked trait that causes eyes, skin, hair, and/or fur to have less pigmentation. In other words, the color of an albino is usually pale or white. Also, it's a recessive trait.

There are 2 types of albinism. One being ocular albinism and oculocutaneous albinism. Oculocutaneous albinism affects 1 out of 20000 people. While ocular albinism affects 1 person in a group of 50000 people. Oculocutaneous albinism causes people to lack in pigment, and lighter skin and eyes are produced. It usually causes albinos to be more affected by the sun. Since humans need some pigment to shield them from the sun, the lack of pigment of albinos causes sunburns to come more easily. Also, the results of the overdose of sunlight can causes skin cancer. Ocular albinism causes pigment to be completely destroyed. This causes the skin, eyes, and hair to be very light. The eyes can have a variation of color with a range from light blue to red. The eyes of a ocular albino has to be protected a lot more well than a normal human because there is no pigment that will protect the albino. See? Life as an albino isn't that easy.

But hey, look on the bright side. There are some treatments for albinos. Though the treatments are limited, they make life easier for albinos. Doctors may have an albino wear heavier clothing and prescription glasses. This will cause less burn to the skin and less eye damage. It's like a shield that blocks out the rage of the sun. Now, I kinda know that you might thinking, "Well, what about the albino animals?"

Good point, they usually won't wear clothes or glasses, so they can't get much protection. But, (not to be cruel or anything), they usually don't live through their early years. Since they stand out from the rest of their herd/school/band/flock/whatever animal community they live in, they are easier targets for predators. Also, the parents of an albino animal may reject the youngster for being different from the rest of the family. But, the best treatment for an albino animal is to be in captivity. People can teach most animals to stay in the shade, and there are no predators that can hurt them. Also, they would be well fed and exercised. So yeah, if you find an albino animal, you may consider taking it to a zoo. If you don't, then oh well.

Now, you've known that there are albino animals. But i bet you less than half of a half of a half of a penny that you didn't know that there were such things as albino plants. Yep, you read this right, albino plants. Those things are rare, and usually don't live for very long like all other albino animals. The amount of sunlight the albino plants receive is badly reduced.Plants eat through photosynthesis, but with little to no chlorophyll, plants can't survive. Luckily, there are some ways that albino plants can survive harsh conditions. Albino plants usually die at a young age, but for those who survive, they do it by taking some energy from other plants near them. It's like when you steal your friends cookie because you dropped yours onto the floor.

Albinism is a special disorder that can affect both humans and animals alike, unlike other genetic disorders. It alters the physical appearance of animals, and can be dangerous to the lives' of animals. It can cause animals to outcasts in their family/group. It can cause animals to look uglier, or more adorable, or fierce. But most of all, it is a genetic disorder that makes life harder for most animals, and it makes the affected special.

Emperor Seinei, have you ever heard of him? Well, I haven't. But he is a famous emperor of Japan that was albino, and he approximately ruled Japan for only 4 years. His parents were also rulers of Japan, so he got the trait emperor from inheritance. Otherwise, he would just be Seinei, a famous albino Japanese guy. But he's albino either way, so he's automatically special.

For a very long time, mankind has tried to get rid of genetic disorders. Albinism is also in for consideration for being removed of. But on the other hand, albinism makes the affected organism unique. It is also rare, so getting rid of it would be like getting rid of an antique. But so far, scientists have gotten to the point where they almost know how to get rid of albinism. Apparently, the reason for the lack of pigment is the lack of proteins for albinos. Scientists have the idea that a drug that increases protein production could potentially get rid of albinism. That means in the future, there may be no more white animals with light blue to red eyes. So everything living will be the same as their community.

So yeah, cool beans.


Created with images by Max Goldberg - "The famous ISU "Albino" Squirrel"

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