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How would you feel if you didn't know what was going on in the city? That's why we have printers.They make your live a lot easier and more informed. Newspapers take 25 hours of labor to produce. Just remember that this is Colonial times so newspapers and books took a lot more time because they didn't have the technology we have today. You will be learning about printing was done colonial America.

To make the cover of a book. They would make the cover out of leather. Then they would soak the leather to give it a little more color. They would also stretched the leather to make it so it would dry quicker and fit over a book.So back in the colonial times they pretty much do the same exact things we do today.But they only had pages four to sixteen.Back then it was a lot of pages but today that would be pretty short. Each sheet was squeezed into a 200 pound flat surface to make it real smooth. Then on the other side of the printer paper they right what ever they want to right. But this book does not take a few minutes it takes 14 hours. Not so easy. They got there resources by buying paper from paper mills. They also made there ink at there shops.They made there ink from tannin,iron,sulfate,gum and water. Paper was made from linen and cloth.

this was the writing that printers had put on to paper

Back then the printers had lots of detail and played an important role.That's why newspapers were really helpful for under standing whats going in the at that time and in the city.


Created with images by Boston Public Library - "Boston Massacre trial notes [page 11]"

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