Canbury School Newsletter 8th February 2019. issue 150

Dear Parents and Visitors

Where has this week gone? It's been busy busy busy. I'm sure we're all looking forward to breaking up for half term next Friday. As you can see the school continues to take the safety of our students seriously. The installation of our new gates this week proved interesting - especially during last night's Parents Evening when I ended up being gate keeper, pinging them open and closed to allow parents and students in and out.

This week I also had the pleasure of allowing the Sixth Form students to have a peek inside their new building. They were suitably excited to see their new learning zone and can't wait to get inside. We expect to have it ready and functional for the start of the next half term.

Friday assembly is always thought-provoking and today's was no exception. We enjoyed watching a short educational film made by Bafta winning company TRUETUBE. It’s a modern Narcissus tale all about a boy who’s addicted to selfies and his phone. Our very own Ms Scott had a little cameo in it as, guess who, his teacher!

The company launched the film in time for Internet Safety week this week. Do chat to your child over what they thought of it. I know it's made me think about screen time.

Yesterday we had a most interesting and informative Duke of Edinburgh Expedition presentation yesterday ahead of the Year 9 Parents' Evening. There was lots of interest expressed and I'm sure this year will see a bumper crop of Canbury students embarking on their Bronze and Silver Awards.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Anders for his AMAZING effort in the pool on Tuesday! You were very focused and tried really hard throughout the whole lesson.

Year 8

Ottilie for her excellent performance in the test on The English Reformation.

Well done to the year 8 class in Music who very quickly learnt the blues scale in C and for making up some fantastic songs. Of particular note Shaaiyon, Matthew A, and Alannah. Harry L for good focus and picking it up quickly.

Congratulations to Phoebe who beat Mrs Burke in a literacy game.

Year 9

Evie for a fantastic 97% on her Completemaths this week. This is a school record. Well done.

Evie, Victor, Sebastian and Alex for their insightful comments in Mindfulness sessions.

Oskar for being a supportive friend and a great playmate in a game of table tennis with younger students.

Evie for her outstanding effort in the pool on Tuesday.

Seb for his excellent performance in the History test despite not having been here when much of the work was covered. Very well done.

Year 10

Joe for really working hard on angles in Supported Study and carrying on even after the bell had gone!

Rosie for a fantastic lesson in Performing Arts typing up her initial reactions and thoughts after seeing “Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four” at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre this week.

Masterclass in Photography

Rosie lends a hand with her photographer's cap on.

Year 10 Photography students had a Masterclass in the subject this week. Their fellow student Rosie took time out to give them a few hints and tips. Rosie should know what she's talking about, as she got an 8 in her Photography GCSE this summer. Way to go Rosie!

Study skills workshop for KS3

We're excited to let KS3 students know they will be having a study skills workshop in March. Details to follow, but for now all you need to know is that the 'Study Skills Zone' company work on helping students develop a "growth mindset", which promotes essential study and revision skills. We've used this company for the last three years to great effect with our KS4 students, and feel the time is now right to introduce these benefits to our younger students.


Theatrical trip out is a marvellous success.

Writes Ms Scott: "We had a wonderful trip this week to see “Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four” at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. A selection of Performing Arts students from Years 8-10 enjoyed this production by touring theatre company, Blackeyed Theatre.

The students were very impressed by the production, which saw the ensemble cast of six actors who multi-rolled playing 15 different characters, multiple musical instruments and moved the set themselves to create different locations in the storytelling.

We do love a theatre trip!

They all very much enjoyed meeting the actors afterwards, in a special Q and A session. Canbury staff were very impressed by their confident, intelligent, and inquisitive questions. In addition actors commented on what a great group our students were, and said how delighted they were by their questions and the way they asked them. Some students got pictures and autographs in their programmes and bought their own copies of the play script to take home and read. See Alannah's selfie below with the actor who played Sherlock."

It's elementary, dear Alannah.....

A breath of fresh air.....

James and Rosie enjoyed a bracing lunchtime run with Mr McGregor this week, stopping only to admire the deer.

Duke Of Edinburgh update

Writes Mr McGregor: "We had a great DofE presentation yesterday, which ended up being standing room only at the back.

DofE is a fantastic programme, which celebrates perseverance and commitment through the student’s own hobbies and likes across three different areas - volunteering, physical and skill, and then finishes off with a short two or three day expedition in the Surrey Hills, depending on whether students undertake the programme at the Bronze or Silver level.

I'm now Canbury's DofE Coordinator and your central point of contact for anything DofE related - so please do contact me on amcgregor@canburyschool.co.uk if you need to. If you didn’t manage to make the presentation, and would like an enrolment form please ask your child to pick up a form from me, or email me on the address above for a copy. If you have one to hand in, please pass to Reception.

We are being assisted by Thirza from Ben Bullen Adventures to help with training and expeditions, with finalised training and expedition dates aiming to be emailed out to you all by early next week."

House News

Well done to Noble for collecting the most house points across the Autumn term. As a prize for your excellent team effort it will be mufti day for all Noble students on Friday 15th of February.


Meet the member of staff

In which we learn a little more about a member of the Canbury family. This week we fire ten questions at smiley Ms Dar, who wants to travel all around the world, who loves spending time with her daughter and who absolutely hates the cold.

Ms Dar, dreaming of a shopping spree around Harrods.

When are you happiest?

I am happiest when I am around my eight year old daughter, we spend a lot of time together and have the same interests such as Art we love making and drawing things together.

What's the best thing about Canbury?

Coming to Canbury is the best decision I have made. It's way too difficult to pinpoint one thing as there's a lot of things I could say but one of them is the students! I love them as I feel I share a great bond and connection with them.

Beach girl or snow queen?

Absolutely beach girl. I find it very difficult to cope with the cold.

Share a top tip with us on how you de-stress?

My top tip and it's something I do myself, is using headspace (https://www.headspace.com/) in a quiet room. It helps me to think about what the stress is and helps to calm me and let it go.

Half term is near - woo hoo - how will you be spending it?

Oh gosh really busy half term for me, I will be car hunting as I sold my old car, I will be spending time with my daughter taking her out and about, and also attempting to fit in my university assignments.

What trait do you most admire in others?

Honesty, caring and being down to earth are KEY!

Who would be your top three dinner guests?

My Dad, who passed away when I was just one, my Nan who died in Pakistan two years ago, and my Mum, who I'm delighted to say is still with me. It would be so lovely to just spend some time with the three of them. These family members together would be a dream.

If you could meet your 13 year old self, what would you tell her?

Don't give up!! Be that fashion designer you wanted to be!!! And don't worry about your pimples!!

Where in the world would you travel to if money was no problem?

This one is too difficult as there's too much I would want to see, so I'm going to say I would love to have a world tour and experience all of it fully!

You've got a whole day to yourself, with no responsibilities and no work commitments - what does it look like?

Oh my word it would be a dream. I would plan a fun day with my mates, go out shopping to Harrods, I'd do some sightseeing around London, have a few friends lined up and do their make-up to get photo shoots of them to advertise my make-up skills, eat food I haven't tried before, go for a spa and massage, and end the day with watching the sunset at Primrose Hill. And I'd VLOG the whole day!



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