My Poem Romie White

The Heart that everyone has, a gift that a mother could take. A life that could be unforgiven, a person who can hurt you the most. I could never open that window, the window with the most pain. I can only look through it while tears run down my face. I wish I could restart my life and hope to change, without putting a knife in my heart, which is stuck in place.

My life has to be over, because it was a mistake. The truth was that I was betrade, by the father who says he loves me, but screams and yells in my face. I am done being strong, I am done being fake cause no matter what I cant change the past, just because......

I live a lie because of a mother who left me for a guy, I am her child, but she doesn't realize how much she hurt me inside. I am now alone, alone in the dark, by myself crying out loud. WHY ME? WHY ME? Why am I still here? Is it because of people who say they love me or am I just to scared to take the pill that could end my life?

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Romie White

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