A Helping Hand By Andrew Willis

The first time I heard of insurance was when I was five. I didn't know what it meant, I didn't know what it did, and I didn't know what it was for, but my parents told me it was a good thing to have. Health Care played a major role in my life. Growing up I got sick a lot. Doctors visits after doctors visits. By the time I was ten I knew what insurance was. I was so fortunate to have this luxury called health insurance that helped cover my medical visits. When I was in sixth grade I got really sick with pneumonia. I was out of school for almost three weeks. I went to the doctor around five times in those two weeks expecting the worst, but I knew it would be all right because I had insurance that could cover the cost of my treatments. I think people today take for granted what is given to them. In Westport people don't know and aren't told enough how lucky they are to have insurance. For years I have fallen under that category of not being grateful for what I have, even today I am still a little ungrateful for what I have. The Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare has been a very controversial subject debating if it's good or not.

Taxpayers are wondering if their money is going to waste due to the new creation of Obamacare, but are lives more valued than their money?

When I was eleven my family took me to New York city. For a while all I could see is beautiful skyscrapers and hot dog stands selling fatty foods that looked very appealing to an eleven year old. But one thing that got to me was when my family turned the corner and a homeless person was sitting right there. Coughing and sneezing, by the looks of it he was very ill. Then I looked up at my parents, I said, “can we give him some of our insurance, so he can go to a doctor?” My parents said no and we kept moving on. Only till now I realize not everyone can afford health insurance. Not everyone is as fortunate. The world is a cruel place and i'm living in a small paradise where everything is given to me. I have everything I need. But when you look anywhere else you can see people suffering. Suffering because they are sick and have nowhere to go. “It’s estimated there are between 20,000 and 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of health insurance “ (Obama Care Facts). After reading that it opened up my eyes. People need insurance to survive. The Affordable Care Act provides cheap and affordable health insurance to people all across America. But someone today is trying to dismantle a great idea that saves lives. Newly elected president Donald Trump is trying to dismantle a system that saves thousands of lives. Why would Donald Trump want to dismantle a system that makes health care easy and affordable?

The newly elected president Donald Trump wants to “drain the swamp”. He wants to dismantle most of the government including some of Obama's acts. One of those acts would be Obamacare or the Affordable Care act. This act gave the citizens of America cheap and affordable health care. According to Donald Trump, “Since March of 2010, the American people have had to suffer under the incredible economic burden of the Affordable Care Act—Obamacare” (Trump). Why would he want to dismantle an act that saves lives and gives the opportunity to the American people to live life without worrying if they get hurt they can't pay for the medical bill. Donald Trump is saying that they need to find a health care that corroborates with his open market policy. With the open market policy it will cause the insurance companies to raise their prices due to lack of regulations. Also if he dismantles Obamacare then he will strip 13.4% of American citizens insurance, according to Obamacare Facts. Imagine 13.4% not covered by insurance. This means that innocent people who get sick won't be covered by insurance and will be stuck with a large medical bill. If I didn't have insurance my life would be so much different. Yesterday I went to go see a doctor because I was sick with a sinus infection. If I didn't have insurance I would not have known that I had a sinus infection and could have prolonged my sickness for a longer period of time. People need insurance to live their lives safe and healthy because everyone gets hurt and everyone needs to go see a doctor, Donald Trump is trying to take away that privilege from the people who can't afford insurance.

As a privileged child I have taken things for granted. I have not realized how many people suffer medically. The Affordable care act has saved thousands of lives, and has prolonged many. Everyone should have access to health care. Everyone should have the same privileges as one another because we are all equal. The rich shouldn't have more rights than the poor. If Donald Trump dismantles the Affordable Care act then the rich have health care and the poor people don't. “On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.”(Donald Trump) If congress votes to pass the full repeal of Obama care than thousands of lives will be lost, leaving the poor unprotected. Why should the rich be in favor to succeed more and to live life in a safe place, while the poor who need more help and need coverage so they can live life freely and safe. Why would Donald Trump to dismantle a system that saves lives and makes living a safer place?

As many people see Obama care as a revolutionary idea many others see it as a disgrace. President elect Donald Trump has called Obamacare a “disaster”, and has vowed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act immediately when he comes into office in January. He sees Obamacare differently, he thinks that it was a waste of money and time, while democrats think of Obamacare as a life saver. Americans all across the country are not fully educated about Obamacare and are making outrageous statements that are false. There are two sides to this debate. One side thinks it should be dismantled due to the rise of taxes and flaws in the act that make it unprofessional. The other side thinks that the Affordable Care Act should be saved due to the fact that it saves thousands of lives. If Donald Trump dismantles the Affordable Care Act thousands of people will not be covered by insurance. Also insurance companies can now raise their prices to make insurance very expensive and not affordable causing people to die. Which side would you chose? Money, or lives?

America is the greatest country on earth, so why are people still dying due to lack of insurance? President Barack Obama has provided the citizens of the US an easy and cheap way of insurance making the country a safe environment. Obamacare has saved thousands of lives. Imagine you didn't have insurance. Then imagine you broke your arm or you had a serious disease. Going to the doctor's office would be a fortune. You would be in debt for a while. Then how would you support yourself or family. Obama care has provided the poor with a great way of insurance. If Trump takes away Obamacare how will the poor take care of themselves or their family? He has given America a helping hand.

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