Exploration 1 Antonio Ayala

A much bigger interest in food and food production, has been sparking many conversations around the country. Food is become a hot topic issue from massive food waste in america to food insecurity around the world. Many films like Food Inc, are exploring these topics and possible solution.
Truth of knowledge has been an important theme in the recent years. As a part of the need to know what is true has lead people to question their teachers. The education system is also becoming a topic of development. With the search from truth we've learned that we aren't really learning properly.
With a new generation, one more diversified that ever, we are seeing a bigger stage for the civil rights movement. This last year was proof that, with many award winning civil rights movies being released. In particular the film Hidden Figures explores the story the black women who helped America get to the moon.
Stories about space have always captivated audiences, grabbing them by their imagination. Every year we are getting closer to better space travel. Thanks to modern advancements in space travel, the average person will likely be able to travel through space within our lifetime. With that in mind, films have been tackling the genre from a very realistic lens. In the movie The Martian there are many examples of real world physics playing a big part in the main character's survival.
America has been at war for 222 out of 239 years of it's existence. This is reflected heavily in film and literature. Every year there is a new twist on the same wars and glorification of different facts.
Controversy sells, both books and movie tickets. On the whole film has been groundbreaking for exposing problems plaguing society as well as whip the masses into a frenzy. In a few instances documentaries have actually been able to affect society as a whole. Specifically due to the movie Blackfish many world right's organizations are putting restrictions on killer whale performances.


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