Castleman Creek 1st ochca

Mrs. Ochca is very out-going, when kids got in trouble she would take away there panther pride passes and if it get worse we will call home. There rewards are getting panther pride passes. Her attention grabbers were clapping and saying class class in funny ways. She has a facebook to keep the parents informed in what they are doing on a daily basis.

Her class room is ver organized. She has lots of anchor charts that go along with what they have learned. She has a big word wall with word they have learned to help them.

This class are very kind but they do talk a lot and like tad telling on each other for everything. I worked with two students they both had similar problems they both have trouble with say the first letter of the word. They both get frustrated when they have to redo things. One boy when he doesn't want to do things he would write random symbols and turn it in.

They love doing hands on work and they lots of it. They lose interest if it's not hands on.

They do lots of work on there iPad and one app the used was reasoningminds. It had them do problems and if they get it right it got hard but when they got it wrong they had to start all over. They did lots of greater than and less than practice on white boards. They had a 100's chart on their iPads to do one more one less ten more ten less and they would mark it up.

I wouldn't do anything differently from her because she does a lot of hands on works that I like to do and she always changes up on if they are doing weather it's indoor or outdoor. I loved how she interacts with the kid when she works with them. She alway has a song or sayings with what they are learning.

A funny story would be that everyone including Mrs.ochca thought me and Alex were dating when he came in there on the day his class was in Austin. While I was there I did lots of grading, stapling and organizing there paper into there folder to get sent home. I had a lot of student interactions I was always walking around and helping them. I also worked one on one with two kids. If I finished all my work I would in the cafeteria and watch/hang out with them.

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