Harris Bilingual November 2019 Newsletter

Happy November, Harris Community!

As you know, safety is our number one priority for your children. I have worked with several parents to get some well-needed safety measures before and after school. We now have a Crossing Guard!! Ms. Teresa Suazo is on Smith and Elizabeth daily before and after school making sure our families cross that street as they walk to school!! We also have a new sidewalk closer to Garfield on Smith – this allows cars to pull all the way when they drop off and pick up – allowing us to get more cars through the line. Additionally, we have double-stacked all the buses at the end of the day so that they are not waiting on Smith. This allows us to move the buses out quickly once they are all loaded with our precious cargo - Thank you so much to everyone for all your help.

So happy to have Mrs. Suazo as our Cross Guard!

This month, as in years past, Poudre School District will hold surprise Lock Down drills during the week of November 11th. When this happens at Harris, we will practice our Lock Down drill in our building. We teach students that we: Lock Doors, Turn Lights Off and Stay Out of Sight. If a student happens to be in the hallway or the bathroom when we go into a LockDown drill, they need to proceed to the nearest classroom as quickly as possible. Please talk with your child about how important it is for us to practice what to do in case of an emergency.

As the weather gets colder, please remember to send your child to school in layers. We want all of our children to go outside whenever possible to play and get their wiggles out! If they do not have the proper cold-weather clothes, they may not be able to play outside.

Parents of 5th-grade families, new families to Harris and incoming Kinder Harris parents, remember that there are several School of Choice Open Houses coming up - including ours! Please follow this link to ensure you don't miss any Open Houses



Norma Huerta-Kelley, PhD


Cord, Savannah, Diego, and Matteo, third place winners in the Chessmates Tournament
Officer Siman's visit to first grade
Fifth grade at CSU basketball game
Fourth grade at CSU
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