Principal's Message turramurra north Public school - wk6 T1 2017

A Monday Morning Visit!

Lots of work!

Today I visited KB and 1/KM for the 1st session. Children worked very hard individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a class building sentences, reading, handwriting, sounding words, matching sounds and cutting and pasting. Well done boys and girls! How fortunate we are to have two staff working together of the quality of Miss Bedwell and Mrs Muldrew. Two absolutely fabulous early career teachers giving 110% every day.

.......tomorrow Tuesday February 28th

Parents are reminded that all staff will host our T1 2017 ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening tomorrow Tuesday February 28th. A note has gone home about this last week.

  • 5pm - 5.40pm Early Stage One - KB and KM
  • 5.45pm - 6.30pm Stage One - 1M, 1R, 2/1S and 2E
  • 6.45pm - 7.30pm Stage Two and Stage Three - 3H, 3M, 4R, 4T, 5F, 5K and 6T

Zone Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all students who were successful in gaining a place on the TNPS Swimming Team. All students on the team will be issued permission notes tomorrow and will travel to participate in the Hornsby Zone Swimming Carnival (at Hornsby Pool) on Monday March 6th.

It is important to note that gaining a 1st or 2nd place at the 2017 TNPS Swimming Carnival does not necessarily secure a place at zone. Times set by students gaining 1st or 2nd must also meet the zone qualifying time.

Questions about the Hornsby Zone Swimming Carnival can be directed to Miss Fagan.

Nine Values of Good Character - You Can Do It!

The 5 keys to Success!

The last six weeks of term one, TNPS students will be focusing on The Nine Values of Good Character. Teachers will be discussing these values with students and what they mean to us at Turramurra North.

The values come under nine categories:

  • Caring
  • Doing Your Best
  • Fair Go
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Doing the Right Thing
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Accepting Others

Over the remainder of T1 2017, staff will be working with students to identify the personal qualities that define what it means to be a person of 'good character'; that is, someone who does good things not only for him/herself but does good things for others. Staff will be explaining to students how 'values' contribute to a person's 'character'.

Over the next couple of weeks, you may like to discuss these values with your children and how they are important at home and at school. At Turramurra North our YCDI program looks to provide students with a holistic approach to well-being.

Below are the 'Nine Values of Good Character.' Important for all of us. Thank you Mrs Foate for your leadership of YCDI throughout 2017.

Annual School Clean Up Day – Friday March 3rd

In recent years TNPS has managed to significantly reduce the amount of litter in the playground. Predominantly this has been achieved by teachers supervising their own classes for 10 minutes at the start of each lunchtime session as children eat lunch.

We also believe that there has been an improvement in the cleanliness of our playground (reduced litter) because of the reduced packaging coming to school in lunchboxes. We have also significantly reduced the amount of packaging / rubbish generated through canteen sales over the past 12 months thanks to the new menu introduced in 2016 - with almost all food made fresh on site. All of these strategies will help our community improve the environment of our fabulous school.

In addition to these strategies, we also need to keep reminding our children that when we do find ourselves with rubbish from food we consume, that it goes in the bin. We would really appreciate the support of all parents reminding children of this at every opportunity. This Friday afternoon the school will participate in the Annual Schools Cleanup Day. Classes will be allocated a nominated area within the school grounds and children will be asked to clean up any litter visible. All students will be provided gloves for the activity. Thank you to Miss Bedwell for organizing the activity.

Who is Alan November?

Alan November is a global education leader from Marblehead, Massachusetts USA. Alan has worked in high schools as classroom teacher, principal, director and has authored several internationally recognised and NY Times best selling books including 'Who Owns the Learning?'

In the 2000s Alan was named one of the USA's 15 most influential thinkers. This is rare praise indeed in a country of 300 million people. Read about Alan here. Alan is focussed on students developing skills and knowledge through contributing and the production of content, rather than traditional methods of content consumption and regurgitation.

Alan will visit Turramurra North PS Monday March 27th to work with staff in face to face small group workshops in two half day sessions. Staff have had the chance to opt in to work with Alan or to opt out. All TNPS staff have elected to work with Alan on this occasion.

All staff have written submissions as to why they hope to attend the sessions with Alan and how they believe the opportunity will assist their professional growth and design and delivery of learning in classrooms. These submissions will be shared with Alan in advance of his visit, so that he has insight into individual and collective staff professional growth, goals and needs.

Myths and Opportunities

Below is a short video from Alan November titled 'Myths and Opportunities'.

Alan describes how and why his home town of Marblehead has flourished and slowed at different times in history as opportunities for human work have come and gone. Alan relates these lessons to what skills students will need in the future, the myth of technology solving all our problems and how the traditional content delivery / consumption / regurgitation education model may no longer be 'best fit' for a world where the job has been replaced by 'digital work.'

Alan offers a very valuable insight to global change for all parents in 13 short minutes. Please take the time to view the video, it may just help you to help your child.


Come and see Alan speak for free at Ku-ring-gai High Margaret Preston Hall Monday March 27th at 6pm. Alan will speak about how schools can tackle the challenge of preparing children for a world in 2030 where 50% of the jobs we know and perform today will be either gone or replaced. You can book via the link a little further down, or from the link on the school's homepage here .

The Great De-coupling

The graph below contains important information for all parents or anyone with a job or business. This graph is referred to as 'The Great Decoupling.'

This graph provides the economic evidence that things are changing and that the world of work our kids will enter in 2030 will be very different.

First published by Andrew McAfee of MIT in 2011, the graph essentially shows that wages, job growth, economic prosperity (GDP) and productivity all tracked roughly along the same pathway, clustered together, from the Great Depression to about 1990.....

.... then things changed.

From 1990 wages stagnated and employment growth slowed around the same time that the mainstream use of the internet and desktop computers really started to take off. Despite wages and job opportunities stalling, productivity and the prosperity of the economy continued on their upward trajectory. Things really became interesting from about 2006 when mobile / wifi computing kicked in. Here we can see the value and demand for labor falling further still.

This graph tells the story of the automation of the economy. Low skill jobs are disappearing, yet economic output is continuing upward.

As robotics, AI and the digitisation of everything offer improve productivity, so too do we see an impact on the loss of low skill jobs. Many white collar jobs will and are being impacted. McAfee predicts that 2017 is only the beginning and that the real acceleration of the automation of everything has not yet really started. It is important to also note that with this huge change there will come opportunity for new jobs; many of which we have not imagined just yet. But to do these, our kids will need to be learners - life long learners. Problem solves who can work independently, collaboratively, imaginatively, resiliently and think deeply.

Jobs. The future of work. A big issue not often talked about.

The challenge for parents and educators moving forward is how to prepare our kids for an economy and workplace where many tasks previously undertaken by humans are now being replaced by digital automation. As educators and parents we need vision and insight into this area. We must also be prepared to digest this information, as the information is real and it will impact our kids. Pretending that things are not being automated in the workplace will help no-one.

To help us think and understand more about this very real issue TNPS has organised for Dom Price, Head of Research and Development for Atlassian Australia and Alan November to speak at Ku-ring-gai HS Margaret Preston Hall Monday 27th March from 6pm.

Register here for 'Preparing Humans for The Second Machine Age'.

This event is FREE for all TNPS parents. At this time the school has accepted registrations from more than 100 fee paying visiting teachers from schools across Sydney. This level of registration means that the fee for Alan's consultancy and casual teacher supply costs for March 27th has already been met, making Alan's visit to our school cost neutral. We anticipate at least another 100 registrations from parents and teachers over the next three weeks.

This special opportunity, will bring one of the world's most recognised educators, face to face with TNPS staff and will also provide our community an opportunity to build our collective vision for the global changes impacting the future of work and how we can adjust and respond at school today.

Don't miss it! Your children need you there. Please bring a friend.

Register here for 'Preparing Humans for The Second Machine Age'.

Fun Times in the TNPS Playground - lots of space to run around with our friends!

Space, equipment, shady spots. What a beautiful playground! While other schools face crowded playgrounds, our kids at TNPS enjoy a vast playground - just like many of us did when we were kids.

School Fees - due March 10th

Semester One school fees notices went out last week.

Thank you to those parents who have already arranged to pay these. These fees help the school pay for a range of goods and supplies, services, specialist lessons such as art and music, most excursions, sports carnivals and shows in advance for all children throughout the semester.

In 2017 TNPS has adjusted the fee schedule to spread the annual technology fee at $100 for years 3-6 ($50 each semester 3-6) and $50 ($25 each semester K-2) across the whole school year. In 2016, this component of the school fees was paid in full for the whole year in semester one and this brought semester one totals up higher than needed. We hope that this change has helped families in 2017.

TNPS is not a BYOD school and provides 1:1 devices for all students 3-6 and 1:2 devices K-2. This approach ensures equity of access and performance for all learners K-6. We also believe that our decision to go down the 'school owned and managed devices' route has also helped to keep costs for 1:1 devices manageable for families and maintenance worries out of the home.

TNPS school fees are comparable to those charged by surrounding schools and Semester One Payment is due March 10th.

P. Taylor, Principal 27.02.17

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