Extending Specialist Techniques: Rebranding v-juice Matthew Kilcullen

the initial idea

For this project I wanted to focus on my specialism and my interest, but combined, I knew as soon as I was given the brief that I want to do something Vape related as I previously spoke to my peers about a particular brand called V-Juice, who in short have appalling branding for a fairly quality Vape e-liquid. I figured that branding was something I am interested in and already have experience in from clothing to construction companies. I want to be able to give V-Juice a full rebrand, regarding logo design and packaging. However my biggest issue is to rebrand them to my personal tastes from the research I have gone about or to follow their original style but brand them as a premium brand rather than a poorly branded one, because currently the product is worthwhile but the packaging gives it the appearance that you would not give it a second glass, especially if you desired premium liquids. Which in my personal life I do desire so I thought this would be a interesting project for myself. The only issue I have faced so far is there is a very narrow target audience for this rebrand as it is ideal that you vape or you wont be very interested, unless branding is an interest of yours.

the pitch

For this project it asks for through research and peer feedback, this involved me presenting my idea to the class to get varied feedback regarding my strengths, weaknesses and possible improvements for this project. For my pitch I presented a mood board with the use of Padlet to show comparison images of the current branding of V-Juice and quality premium brands, that I use myself, such as Element E-Liquids, Wick Liquor, ANON, Cuttwood, Simple Vape and Dinner Lady and TaffyMan. All designs will be created with the use of Adobe Illustrator and possibly typefaces from 1001fonts.com and pattern/brush swatches from Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics.


The feedback I received was fairly consistent throughout, however I realised promptly that I wished to bite off more than I can chew, and instead of an entire rebrand I should set myself a simple logo rebrand and revisit the rest at a later date and extend the project further.

  • Strengths: Problem solving, allows unique interpretations, professional approach, skilful, sticking to speciality, rebranding is a good plan.
  • Weaknesses: Colour Scheme too simple, limited audience, needs experimentation, boring colour scheme, time management.
  • Improvements: Research further, make it different to every premium brand, explore different styles, explore vibrant colour palette, develop character design, transparent bottle design, less b/w colour scheme.

MY Thoughts and my next move :

From my feedback I learnt people were not attracted to my preference in colour scheme, however on a personal level they are aware I like work that is minimal and simple, therefore I cant compare, and if anything receiving feedback commenting its too simple, then I am achieving what I desire. But to combat this criticism I will experiment with other colour schemes out of my personal interest and comfort zone and challenge myself and create various designs to appeal to different audiences and develop myself further. Regarding a limited audience, which I've addressed previously but unfortunately I cant change that factor other than others to appreciate the concept of rebranding and not the product itself. Time Management being a key factor in this project has made me adjust my work load to solely a logo design and to extend the packaging to a later date. From the improvement comments one controversial comment being making the design different from fellow premium brands is difficult because there is significant components that make a liquid and brand high quality, which are key for this rebrand. However the transparent packaging really appealed to me and something I want to consider and experiment with in the future.


For my research its slightly different because I'm trying to experiment with different styles and colour schemes, instead of sticking to my preferred minimalistic style, I want to explore colour too. in a way I'm the client but also I'm imaging what V-Juice would be like as a client as from there current branding I sense colour, street art and urban styled, whereas I'm very simple, urban but somewhat sophisticated. To express this in my research, the comparison of Simple Vape, Element E-Liquids and Wick Liquor and Dinner Lady, The Taffy Man and Stika Bombz below.


Simple Vape Co. are my biggest inspiration for this project, they aesthetically please me on both a personal and design level in the creative industry, as a brand and as a E-liquid supplier. I love everything about their branding, from logo design, to packaging and lifestyle in their tumblr blog. All of these elements I believe make a high quality Vape brand - having a product and marketing it in the right way. Clean and Simple.


I'm a big fan of Element's E-liquids especially Watermelon Chill, however before I tried it I was automatically attracted to the brand due to its simple logo design and scientific styled packaging, with a play around with the periodic table to label the flavour of liquid. Although this brand has a simple black and white logo, it successfully balances the use of monochrome and colour together to work in harmony, this I personally find hard to get the right balance and to still fully appreciate - this is something to experiment with, just trying to find the correct balance.


From my research, I found that Element E-Liquids also are owners of Far liquids, which is a completely separate brands with unique branding of their own, which I thought was very stylised towards V-Juice's current branding. I found it extremely surprising of Element but also very inspiring that what I perceived as quite a simple yet somewhat complex brand could go pretty much the opposite of its style to create Far. With Element I get intellectual, scientific vibes whereas with Far its very urban and street art, also like V-Juice, however more professional and cleaner in the most complex way.


Similar to Simple Vape, very simple, minimalistic brand identity, however not completely clean and crisp due to the use of calligraphy in the logo design; which gives this brand in my opinion a vintage yet modern outlook, making it very appealing not only as a E-Liquid supplier but as a lifestyle and apparel supplier. I enjoy the use of monochrome colour scheme but with the complexity yet simple calligraphy, combing both straight forward and clean with slight depth and mess of the typeface; this is something I am interested in experimenting with.



In a way, The Taffy Man's branding identity is incredible, as much as I am a minimal designer, or at least aspire to be, I cant fault the branding here, the colour scheme, the flat yet somewhat textured design, combining both simple design with depth. I enjoy the illustrative, possibly originally hand-drawn background; this is something I would like to consider for the urban styled logo design and later packaging, including the use of clear glass bottles.


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