Katie's Art Portfolio

The best part of this piece is the red pot, I think this because I like how it's shaded and I think it looks the most realistic. One thing I would change is the background, it is very sloppy and I would make it smoother and blend easier rather then no variation at all.
The best part of this piece would be the shading, I think it looks really nice and makes the objects look real or 3D. One think I would change is to add more objects, there is a lot of blank space.

I think my strengths are shading and drawling with pencil.

The best part of this is the hair, I like how some parts are highlighted while others dark. One thing I would improved on is the shading of the face, I don't like how it's not well blended.

This is my least favorite because I think it's boring and looks bad.

The best part is the tree in the middle, I like the shading and color on the leaves. One part I would improve on is the sky and the grass. The Sky has random dark spots and doesn't look realistic.

I would say my weaknesses are water color, because I always go too dark and mess up the image.

My favorite part of this piece are the colors. I love the cool background and how the pink flower pops. One thing I would improve on is my accuracy with the print press.

This piece Above is my favorite. I like it the best because it's the best looking one I think, also because of the way the colors work with each other.

My favorite part of this piece is the spout I like how it fits the size of the teapot and is smooth. One thing I would improve on Is the handle and lid. The lid isn't very smooth and doesn't fit well. The handle is slightly crooked and bumpy.

If I could go back to o the beginning of the semester one piece of advice would be DONT FORGET YOUR WARMUPS!!! GRADE WILL SUFER!!

My favorite part about this piece is the "shell" and colors of the turtle. I like the details in the shell and how realistic the colors are. One thing I would improve on is the shell design. Although it's my favorite part, I still think it could be better.

Looking at my art, I think o deserve an A. I think this because I work very hard and I think most of my work turned out well. Also the only reason I don't have an A is because I forgot warm ups, and I think my art makes up for that.

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