Saturn the orange planet

The planet im doing is Saturn. Saturn's the second largest planet it is 95 times the size of Earth and is exactly 72,367.4 miles.

Saturn revolves around the sun at a mean distance of about 887 miles, it takes Saturn some 29.4 Earth years to complete one revolution around the Sun.

It takes Saturn about 10 hours and 10 minutes to revolve around the sun.Saturn’s averageg distance from the sun is 888.2 million miles.

The Origin of Saturn is The ancient Greeks named the planet after the god of agriculture and time.The average surface temperature on Saturn is -280 degrees.

Four Interesting Facts

1. My first interesting fact on Saturn is that In addition to the chunks of material in the rings, 62 known moons orbit Saturn. Nine of them have diameters greater than 125 miles.

2. My second interesting fact on Saturn is that it has rings. It also has the largest, most complex, and best-known ring system in our Solar System.

3.My third interesting fact is that the first liquid layer inside Saturn, right under the atmosphere, is the liquid hydrogen layer.

4. Saturn's magnetosphere is not as big as Jupiter's, but it is still pretty big. It is big enough to hold all of Saturn's moons.


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