History of Nike Created by: Maddie Lightsey and Chloe Barnett

The beginning of Nike - Nike was founded by Phil Night, an athlete from Oregon University and his coach, Bill Bowerman in 1964. The original name of Nike was " Blue Ribbon Sports " and was changed to Nike on May 30, 1971. Blue Ribbon Sports first started their company by distributing Japanese tennis shoes. They parted from the Japanese when they changed their name to Nike. Then on June 18, 1971 they used the famous Nike swoosh for the first time.
Hearth - Nike was originally founded in Oregon where the first Nike shoe was made from a waffle iron in 1971.

Diffusion - When Nike first started as Blue Ribbon Sports they sold Japanese tennis shoes, but when they beacame their own company they started manufacturing their goods in parts of Asia. Nike got to be known worldwide with their catching slogans like " Just Do It ". Later in 1980 the company exceeded Addidas in U.S. market share. Nike was also known around the world when they signed Michael Jordan in 1984. Nike's catchy slogans helped them as well. Then later they in 1996, signed another athlete, Tiger Woods. Nike is mainly an athletic brand in which helped them reach out to many different countries and sports teams in search for sponsors and athletic gear. This help the spread of Nike to become worldwide.

Type of diffusion - Hierarchial diffusion

This map shows the the percentages of workers and total sales in each country.

Distribution -The distribution of nike stores is very dense at the hearth (Oregon) and in other big cities and higher developed areas like the north america and europe. The distribution is international with higher clustered densities in more developed areas.

This is a map of Nike stores distributed around the world.

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