Climate Change Will Bring Wetter Storms in U.S., Study Says By: Tatiana Schlossberg

Summary of Article: Over the last decade, the effects of climate change have become very apparent to people living all over the country, as temperature and precipitation patterns have been altered greatly. However, there has also been extensive research done on climate change, and it has been determined that bigger storms and more natural disasters will occur. The study found that rainstorms will become more intense and more frequent, if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the same rate. The effects will be more dramatic in the Northeast and on the Gulf Coast. Also, in the Pacific Northwest, the climate change can lead to increased flooding and droughts, a very bad combination for residents and crops that grow there. The effects in the Midwest are the most concerning since so many crops grow there, and the soil will become eroded as a result of the severe weather.

Analysis: The consequences of climate change have already proven to be detrimental and will only continue getting worse. In fact, researchers believe that heavy flooding will force state government to intervene and rebuild infrastructure. "Dr. Prein said the results of this study showed that many areas of the country would need to build or restore infrastructure, including reservoirs and storm sewers, to handle the intense rainfall." This is a huge problem because there are so many things the government needs to spend money on, and now adding this will compromise their spending elsewhere. Farming in the Midwest is becoming more challenging due to the quality of soil is depleting in these poor conditions. Moving forward, we as people must limit our greenhouse gas emissions to try and stop this problem from getting even larger. If this happens, and the government intervenes as they should, weather will become easier to predict and hopefully less severe storms will occur.

Takeaways: I chose to read this article because we have learned a little bit about anthropogenic effects in different earth cycles, so seeing how our activity has led to climate change and the impact that this had had on the weather patterns. After reading this, I now realize just how much we affect other ecosystems and habitats, making our actions matter that much more. Going forward, I hope that people will be more conscious of this and make their best effort to limit their carbon footprint that is causing more greenhouse gasses to be released into the atmosphere. Finally, I hope to continue learning more about this and will track new studies that come out regarding climate change.

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