Leading in the Library Zimbabwe forum two: participant feedback

In September 2017 Dan Bishop (Caplor Horizons), Mai Skovgaard and Kemal Shaheen (INASP) visited Harare to work with the Zimbabwe University Librarians Consortium (ZULC) for the second phase of Leading in the Library: a learning lab for sustainable access to knowledge in developing countries.

Having fun with the Caplor House - a much loved tool for helping participants think more deeply about leadership and organisational effectiveness.

...order in the Kitchen!

23 participants representing 13 of Zimbabwe's Universities worked together over 2 days to strengthen strategy and structure, develop plans for financial sustainability and improved collaboration with others so that ZULC can become a more effective organisation.

A variety of experiential learning approaches were used to ensure that learning was not only fun but also deeply embedded.

During the Harare Zoo exercise - participants had to think about the characteristics of an effective and functional organisation (such as financial sustainability, accessibility and appropriate service provision responding to customer needs)
...they also thought about what a dysfunctional zoo might look like - where dead animals are served on the lunch menu and safety cannot be guaranteed!
The 'magic stick' helped people to think about team work and collaboration!

...and the balloon game helped people understand how 'we can all be winners' if we collaborate more effectively.

...and we do that.......

....by not popping other people's balloons!

...we also had time for an occasional dance.....
....or two!
...as well as more serious sessions around using Ansoff's Growth Matrix to explore the issue of financial sustainability.

Participant feedback for Forum 2 was overwhelmingly positive over both days.

100% of participants felt that both days were relevant to ZULC with 22 out of 23 saying 'a lot' on Day 1 and 23 people saying 'a lot' on Day 2. Comments included:

"The session was energizing and I am going to be a different person and more useful to my organisation"
"Collaboration and capacity building strategies for financial sustainability were relevant. I particularly appreciated the Ansoff’s matrix, the Value model, the Magic Stick and the balloon exercise".

100% of people on both Day 1 and Day 2 felt that the session would help ZULC strengthen strategy 'a lot'. Comments included:

"The session was very relevant to the extent of good leadership skills and team work. Planning and communication are essential in strategy".
"The good thing is that all these sessions can be used, even in my university they are applicable – strategies that can be used in any setting. I will be using them."

...and 100% of people thought that the session would contribute to personal learning with 22 out of 23 people saying 'a lot' on Day 1 and all 23 people stating 'a lot' on Day 2.

"The facilitators were really great. Your method of instruction was lively, your concepts clear, the exercises well thought out. I had a great time whilst still learning".
"The session today contributed immensely to my personal development through the lessons derived from the exercises. A day well spent. It was a blessing to attend such a workshop".
"A very informative session! Thumbs up Caplor Horizons and INASP".

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