Mohandas Gandhi

Gandhi was the primary leader of India´s independence movement. He was an influence to this world. He influenced non-violent civil disobedience. By his followers he was known as ¨the great- souled one¨. He influenced so many people around him, he was a leader, someone people looked up too, someone that they listened too and trusted.

Gandhi became a leader within the Indian National Congress quickly, a growing political party supporting independence. He traveled with the people to learn about the local struggles of different Indian communities.

Gandhi going to jail so many times did not stop him from doing what he wanted to do. He developed Satyagraha into a national movement, stressing passive resistance, nonviolent disobedience, boycotts and some on going hunger strikes. He became so respected that the British ruler and public were influenced by him.

Gandhi wanted independence for India because he lived in South Africa and he spent 20 years opposing discriminatory legislation against Indians. Gandhi saw how poorly the Indian´s were living compared to the white settlers. The Indian society were starving compared to the whites, there were many hunger strikes. He also saw how the Indians were buying the British cloth instead of the Indian and the British were thriving. All of these things caused Gandhi to want to fight for independence so their country can be their own country without needing to be dependent on other countries and follow their beliefs and not their own.

The things Gandhi did was that he was a great educated lawyer so this helped him to do smart things when going against the government and be nonviolent also. Gandhi also led the Salt March, it was from March to April 1930. The salt march was an act of civil disobedience led by Gandhi to be against the British.

Asians and Africans wanted independence because they felt threatened. They felt threatened because of how many places were colonized there. Since, they got their land taken away and then were treated unequally because of the different races and different religions/values. Asians and Africans goal was to rule their own country and to get this they were nonviolence or violent protesters which caused many riots which led to many deaths. Most of Asia achieved their goal after WWII because of Japan driving out the European powers. After the war, it was busy for European nations because they were so weak after the war and couldn't control any of the colonies so this lead to freedom in a lot of Asian colonies.

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