Common Exhibit #4 Post test analysis with office hours visit

Post test analysis chart completed after office hours:

Review and study plan for next test: For the next test in this class I am going to follow all of the advice that Lee gave me. For starters, I am going to start studying a lot earlier than I did for the last test. I am also going to do the practice problems in the text book starting about three weeks before the test date. As far as setting up a study time goes, I'm going to block out a section of my time each day during the afternoon for studying for this class. This blocked out time is going to last about one hour and it will be each day starting three weeks before the test. I haven't skipped a question on a test so far in this class, but one piece of advice lee gave me was to at least try to answer every single question to the best of my ability so that I could earn partial credit. Another strategy that I am going to employ is going to be to simply slow down. I feel as if I rushed through this test and that may have caused me to score lower than I could have.

Reflection: Overall, I think this was a great experience, just being able to go in face to face with my professor and just letting him show me how I can fix my mistakes and score higher on the next test. I learned a few different strategies from Lee that I can definitely employ on the next test to do a lot better. Unfortunately, the next test isn't until after this project is due, so I won't be able to post my results here. But let's hope for the best!


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