Welcome to the Keats College Blog! As ever, our Keats Heralds have been hard at work, collecting information and evidence, ready to report the recent day to day activities that have been taking place in Keats College and school as a whole. We count ourselves as exceptionally lucky to have such a devoted and hardworking news team. Special thanks go to Nadia Brady, our Year 11 Senior Prefect for Keats, who has picked up the role of Lead Senior Editor for this edition of the blog, despite a very hectic GCSE schedule of her own. Thank you Nadia – we really appreciate it.

On the subject of GCSEs, I must take this opportunity to let all of our Year 11 students know that we are extremely proud of all of the hard work and effort they are putting into their revision. It’s very encouraging to see our pupils attending lunchtime and after school revision sessions, as well as seeing evidence of their thorough revision notes and methods. Exams are just around the corner and we know that even though it is a very difficult time, our young people are equipped with the resilience and determination to achieve success. On behalf of the whole of Keats College, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of Year 11 the very best of luck as they approach their GCSEs. PER ASPERA AD ASTRA THROUGH DIFFICULTY TO THE STARS!

Finally, to all of our pupils and extended Keats family, I would like to take this opportunity to hope that you all had a relaxing and happy Easter break and that you were able to relax, recharge and enjoy some wonderful time with friends and family. Here’s hoping for more sunshine – especially on the Bank Holiday weekend!

I look forward to bringing you more information in our next edition.

Best wishes

Ms Watts

Head of Keats College

World Book Day

World book day was a great day for the pupils in Keats, with so many students getting involved and helping to promote the importance of reading and literature. We think that even Mr Keats himself would have been proud of our enthusiasm! There were so many fantastic ‘fancy dress’ costumes on display, like Katniss from ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Where's Wally’ (there were quite a few of these, so your chances of finding him were greatly improved), Greg Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and also a very convincing ‘Vendetta.’

Sean Moores in Year 8 dressed up as the latter character from his favourite book 'V For Vendetta' by Allan Pope. Josh Chamberlain in Year 7 also dressed up on world book day as Greg Heffley the Wimpy Kid. He told us that in his primary school they always used to dress up and he thinks it was great that he was able to carry on that tradition and get involved in high school’s Literacy efforts too. We think it was great too and we’re sure that World Book Day next year will prove just as much fun.

Finally, I knew that as Senior Prefect, I must get involved with the World Book Day spirit, so I dressed up as Wally from Where's Wally. I was definitely spotted more than once! Overall, it was a fantastic day for students to express their love for books and I was so happy to see many people from Keats getting involved. Hopefully the new tradition will carry on for many years. Well done to all.

By Nadia Brady. Senior Prefect for Keats College. Senior Editor.

Chinese New Year

Earlier in the year, Toby Eastwood from Keats took part in a Dragon dancing activity with the Hung Gar Kung Fu club in Liverpool, in order to recognize and celebrate Chinese New Year! Sixth Form student, Honor Bathie, (a former Keats Pupils) and a few other Sixth Form students went along to watch and support those from Ormskirk who were taking part.

On the 29th February, Toby from 8K1 made the journey with the company, to Liverpool, to take part in this exciting dragon dancing activity in China Town. Toby said he thoroughly enjoyed it and that all his practice for 4-5 weeks beforehand definitely paid off. Furthermore, it wasn't only Toby who took part, a number of sixth formers went along and got involved or were able to spectate and support other students. This was a fantastic display of students coming together and supporting each other. As well as commitment from everyone, all worked in a team effectively, to pull off such an exciting visual performance, especially because it was something new, that many of them hadn't done before.

We interviewed Honor Bathie who said "It was amazing to see the relationships between the sixth form pupils and the lower school pupils build even better and stronger". Additionally, Honor said that "it was a fantastic display to watch - despite the cold weather!" Honor went onto say that it was great to see the teachers get involved and that it helped build everyone's character and confidence.

Overall, the day turned out to be a success! Both Toby and Honor would recommend the dragon dancing for everyone to get involved in or at least to go and see the Chinese New Year celebrations next year so that everyone can get a better understanding of the celebrations and culture!

By Alex Gaughan. Senior Prefect for Keats.

Katelyn Fischer and her Cricket Success.

Our college has many talented sports enthusiasts and athletes and it’s great to see people aim high with their sporting abilities. I interviewed Katelyn Fischer about her fantastic cricket abilities, in the hope of finding out what drives and motivates her.

Katelyn explained about cricket and her role:

“Cricket is a sport with two teams involved; a batting team and a fielding team. It can really boost confidence and help pupils get more involved and participate in more sports, because you bat on your own and make new friends. My role is bat and bowl. I sometimes field but prefer being a bowler. '

Katelyn is in two teams for cricket. I asked her what are those teams, and which is your favourite? Firstly, I asked her, what teams she was on for cricket? Katelyn responded, “I'm in the under 13s and under 15s for cricket. I really like under 15s but I prefer under 13s as its more my age group.”Recently she has made some achievements in her teams; she explained, “Last Wednesday (15th March) under 13s played for county finals and we won. We are now going on to represent Lancashire. Yesterday, the under 15s played and came second, which is a great achievement “

Katelyn started playing cricket when she was 7 years old at Skew Cricket Club because her brother started and she enjoyed watching him. She gained a passion for it as she loved playing with people she knew and being competitive.

I also asked Katelyn if she plays any other sports? She told me that she also plays plays football, hockey and netball. However, Katelyn doesn't play cricket out of school. I asked her why and she explained; 'I stopped as it clashed with my football but now I am looking for a new cricket club to join.'

As you can see, Katelyn is an extremely dedicated athlete and determined girl, who achieves many goals in sports. She is a pupil who we are proud to have representing Keats College and we look forward to hearing more about all of her future successes!

Keep Going Katelyn !

By Reporter Holly Hilton

German exchange

We are very lucky at Ormskirk School to have the opportunity to take part in a number of visits to enhance our understanding and learning of modern foreign languages. Ormskirk is twinned with the town of Erkrath near Dusseldorf and our German friends recently had the opportunity to spend a week on an exchange visit, with a number of our own students having the same privilege. I spoke to Olivia Berry (10K1) about her experiences on the school exchange.

Q: When was the exchange and where in Germany did you go?

A: I went on March 11th to March 18th and we visited Dusseldorf and Cologne.

Q: What did you do on the exchange?

A: We went to the school to experience the education system our German partners have and to see how they learn in school.

Q: What was your favourite activity during your time in Germany?

A: My favourite thing was going bowling and going shopping. Also getting a chance to bond with the German exchange students and of course learning more German by using it around the town. This was a great experience.

Q: Did you learn any more German culture or more vocabulary whilst you were there?

A: Yes, I learnt about German culture and how the young people’s education and school life was organized. I also learnt new words which really helped me in school and with my understanding of how German is spoken in everyday life and how German people order their words in conversation, which is really different to English!

Q: What made you want to go on the exchange?

A: I wanted to enhance my understanding of German language and life and of course try a new experience.

Q: Would you do it again?

A: I would if I got the chance, as it really helped my understanding of German and helped with confidence.

Q: How many people were on the exchange from our school? A: There were 8 people on the exchange from England

Q: Are you still in contact with your exchange partner?

A: Yes. I currently talk with her on imessage and she has added me on snapchat so we can talk as well!

It seems as though everyone who took part in the exchange had a wonderful time and we cannot wait to welcome the Germans to our lives at Ormskirk School!

By Isla Webster - Editor

Senior Prefect Update

Both Alex and I have been extremely busy recently, balancing revision with our Senior Prefect roles, but we’ve managed this effectively. Part of our Senior Prefect roles involved giving an assembly about revision methods and techniques to the other year 11 students of Keats college. This involved us researching the different types of learners, such as visual, auditory, Kinaesthetic and combination learners and then applying the relevant revision methods that would suit best and relating these to preference and subject.

On top of this, we had to research the different ways of revising in relation to the iPad scheme and how this could be a big help. This helped us improve our own revision technique as well as that of the other year 11s. This was a really important thing for us to do as it lets everyone realise exactly what they need to do in order for it to be beneficial when it comes to our exams and it also sends out that all important message that it’s never too early to begin your revision.

On top of all the revision preparation, we still have our daily duties to complete. However due to our exams coming up, it's time for the year 10s to step up. After Easter, the year 11 prefects will step down from their duties and the future Prefects will take their place. The year 10s who want to be a prefect have applied for a position. Miss Watts has the tough decision of deciding who would be perfect for the trial, but we’re sure she’ll make excellent decisions. Although the year 10s shall be taking over from the prefects, Nadia and I are still going to be coming into school to write the final blog...and we can't wait!! So, it’s not time for us to wave goodbye just yet!

Finally, we must also mention the fact that it was Red Nose Day on Friday 25th and for our part, along with Rebecca (a fellow Keats Prefect) we decided to organise a stall for fundraising. We decided that the best way of raising money for this was through a raffle. We decided to raffle a Bluetooth speaker and all students and staff would be able to buy tickets! Overall, the raffle was a massive success and raised valuable funds for Comic Relief. We are delighted to have been a part of it!! However, it would not have been able to take place without the kind generosity of Sound Affects Music in Ormskirk, who very kindly donated the speaker. We are extremely grateful for the compassion and kindness shown. Thank you.

So, thank you to everyone who bought one of our raffle tickets and thank you to everyone who took part in Comic Relief and World Book Day! Both Nadia and I are extremely proud to be a part of a college like Keats and even though our time as Senior Prefects will soon come to an end, we know we’ll always be part of something fantastic and that is such a great and warming feeling!


Nadia Brady and Alex Gaughan: Senior Prefects for Keats College.

It’s all Happening at the Zoo!

We’re always keen to find out how Keats pupils spend their time, both inside and outside of school. Earlier this week I interviewed Evin Young about his volunteer work at a zoo and he kindly shared the following information:

‘I volunteered at the zoo and I worked with some snakes and fish I've always loved to learn about animals and my sister was there helping too, so I wasn't alone.

While we were there, we had to cut meat and weigh the animals so the zoo could get information about them in case they became ill and needed medical treatment. My favourite animals at the zoo were the lizards! There was a big lizard called Diego and I trained him to do some tricks which was really fun. I enjoyed every second at the zoo and it was never boring! In the future, I would like to get a job at the zoo working with the exotic animals, because I loved my time volunteering.’

Well done Evin. It sounds like an amazing experience!

Red Nose Day

This year Red Nose Day fell on Friday the 24th March and all the students at Ormskirk School

came together to raise money for the amazing charity that is Comic Relief. Students came in non- uniform but everyone wore an item of red clothing to show their support for the cause. Some even wore red noses throughout the day.

Red Nose Day 2017 was a great success and enjoyed by everyone; whether they were wearing red and having fun, taking part in the lunchtime karaoke (we did consider Karajokee because it was for Comic Relief, but then how do you stop teachers pouring out an even bigger number of bad jokes?!) or buying tickets to help raise money for those who need it most, Keats College certainly had a great laugh and it made the day that extra bit special. Well done to all who took part. It was a tremendous success and we look forward to next year.





Isla Webster - Editor ➖ Alex Gaughan - Reporter ➖ Nadia Brady - Reporter ➖ Callum Gallagher-Tate - Reporter ➖ Joe Morrow - Reporter and Staff Liaison ➖ Holly Hilton - Rporter ➖ Scott Mackin Technical Supervisor and Design

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