Caulfield Amie Charney Period 2 -Holden's Playlist

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons shows a very important part of the book The Catcher in the Rye and that is Holden’s desires to protect children from growing up and losing their innocence. We see this in the book when Holden erases the **** yous from the walls in the school and from his dream to catch children before they fall. In this song we see this theme in lines such as “I wanna hide the truth, I wanna shelter you, But with the beast inside, There’s nowhere we can hide”. This quote shows what Holden wants to do, he wants to shelter children from growing up which is the “beast” inside all of us which we can’t hide from. We also see this in the quote “Your eyes, they shine so bright, I want to save that light, I can't escape this now”. This quote shows how Holden sees the innocence in young children’s eyes and wishes to save it and allow it to stay with them, even though he can’t escape the loss of his innocence.

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