Jewish Holocaust Reflection By: Nathalie Rodriguez

My understanding of the Holocaust is that it was a time of pure evil. The Holocaust left a huge mark in history and has affected millions of people. It was an unforgettable event that has scared the lives of billions. It was a genocide of the Jews and every other race that was not the German. I have always been well educated on this horrible time in history, but this project has helped me get answers to questions I have always wondered about.

Question- Did other countries not know what was going on and how come they did not stop this? Answer- In my research, I have found that others were aware of what was going on and they were trying to put an end to it because Hitler was trying to invade and took over all of Europe. People were not aware however, of the horrors the Jews were forced to live and the terrible conditions they were put through.

I chose Corrie Ten Boom as a person who defines courage. Corrie was a very grave woman who believed in God and dedicated her life to helping the Jews. Corrie had a house in which she would hide the Jews when the Nazis would come. She would feed them, care for them, and even protect them by tutting her life on the line. Corrie had a special hiding place. Corrie and her family were famous to the Jews and many visited her home to seek refuge and hospitality. Despite the consequences she would face for doing this, she chose to listen to her heart and do what's right. She took risks and helped many many Jews. She is now known worldwide for her incredible sacrifices.
An event that is similar to the Holocaust today would be the terriosm going all over the world. The horrifying group of ISIS has targeted pretty much every other race and say that these crimes and murders are done in the name of their god. Isis is a disgusting group that has committed genocide and terrize people all throughout the nation by putting bombs and creating mass killings of innocent people.

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