Welcome to TRICΔMP! WLACC's Virtual Summer Camp Program

What is TRICΔMP?

TRICΔMP is a more than just a Merit Badge Camp. This program will bring some of the best elements of camp directly to your Scouts at home! Scouts will be able to register for a single Clusters containing 3-4 Merit Badges to build a final class project. Each Cluster program will complete one large project relevant to the classes they complete. Class sizes are capped at 25 in order to maintain an exceptional classroom experience. For those interested in registering for single Merit Badges, our À la carte program might be for you! This program will allow Scouts to select up to three Merit Badges of their choice. Scouts will be taught by live instructors over Zoom, and will engage with instructors as if it was an in person class.

*Scouts must complete age appropriate, current Cyber Chip.


Cluster registrants will receive their Camp in a Box days before their first class. These boxes will include items relevant to their cluster projects. For example, those registered for Innovation are not required to go purchase their own Robotics kit. We will be sending one in your camp box along with other goodies!

Not Just a Merit Badge Camp

As a team we have prided ourselves on the amount of effort, time and volunteerism that has been put into making this program happen. While a Scout will be able to successfully complete 3-4 Merit badges, they will also gain the comradery of being at camp with their Troop and socializing with other Scouts. Scouts will be able to participate in Flag Ceremonies, Campfires, Games, and many more camp wide activities.

Program Planner

That's right TRICAMP really is "Not Just A Merit Badge Camp!" Scouts will be able to fill their day with camp activities. We understand that Scouts do not want to sit in front of a computer all day, so we took that into consideration when planning each session. there will be many opportunities for Scouts to get outside, work on sustainability/ conservation projects around the house, or to catch up with other Scouts outside of the classroom.

Al La Carte info coming soon!


Email: Camping@bsa-la.org

Phone: 818-933-0130