Valencia, Billy's wife, hears about how Billy was in a plane crash so she rushes to the hospital. On the way there, she misses a turn, breaks, and a car behind her hits her car pretty bad. She's crying and the one who crashed into her can barely comprehend what Valencia is trying to say. Valencia drives away in a hurry and arrives at the hospital. When she gets there she faints and doctors come out so see what's going on. An hour later she dies of carbon monoxide poisoning. (not a quote but from book, pg. 182-3)

While Valencia is hysterically worrying about Billy, he's lost somewhere in his dreams traveling in time. He doesn't seem to have a worry in the world because he thinks he know how the world ends and how no one really ever dies. He has nothing to be stressed or concerned by, while others close to him are the exact opposite because his family believes he's gone mad, and now his wife has died an he has no idea, he's blissfully traveling while people around him suffer. - Jasmine

"Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about people, which is 'So it goes.'" (pg. 27)

Saying "so it goes" after someone dies is kind of giving your to sense that you don't care about that person or you don't want to grieve. Billy is also in a way meaning that when a person passes away their spirit is still with him and always will be, so he doesn't really mind when people die. -Elizabeth

When a person dies in Tralfamadore, they only appear to die, but they're still alive in the past...All moments, past, present, and future, have always existed, always will exist. Tralfs, can look at all different moments. It's just an illusion we have here on earth that one moment follows another one...and that once a moment is gone it's gone forever. (pg 26-7)

Tralfamadorians are the aliens that capture Billy and take him time traveling. They cannot talk and they see in the fourth dimension.

I think the tralfamadorians is just Billy and how he views the earth and what he believes in. He's been in the war and has seen multiple dozens be murdered, It's terrorized him and I think he wants to forget about that and believe that they still exist. When someone dies he doesn't want to think of their corpse rotting in a hole somewhere, but instead believe that they're still alive because he can always see them since he travels back and forth in time. -Uriel & Jasmine

pg. 122

Billy is trapped inside his own head. He only travels in time and he likes spending more time with the tralfs. than with his own family or friends. He's been through so much and has seen so much in his life that he's tired of living on this trash earth so he tries to escape in time to when things were better and his life was somewhat meaningful. I think that's why so much of the book starts talking about a certain time and then the next it'll be a completely different year, because Billy is trying to escape a situation in which he doesn't feel comfortable or like and wants to remember something else that's good that's happened in his life. -Jasmine

OLD MEMORIES -liz, jas, uri

As I walk this Earth that's full of death and sorrow, I can still hear the cries for help and see the blood stains. I can still see and feel the dark cold nights that passed, and the loud gun shots off in the distance or sometimes just above. All I want to do is leave without a word and never come back, forget about the pain and remember the blissful days

*my group recorded ourselves on our phones saying the commentary, but couldn't figure out how to add them on here, sorry.

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