Fear and Future Campaigning Drive Companies to Pay Millions By : Isabelle Yan

Everyone knows about the companies that show their commercials during the Super Bowl like Doritos or Heinz. Their commercials are really popular like the Doritos ultrasound commercial or the Heinz wiener stampede commercial.

Doritos Ultrasound Commercial

But why do they choose to spend so much money on a commercial in which they have to pay $4 million for each 30 second interval?

Usually, most people try to avoid watching advertisements. But during the Super Bowl, people are excited to see them and pay more attention. In addition, tons of people watch the Super Bowl and a brand can reach out to them in a single moment. It also can serve as a platform for future commercials.

According to forbes.com, "...a Super Bowl spot isn’t a one-time event; the Super Bowl is the catalyst or platform for a much larger campaign. This year brands will use teaser spots, PR efforts, social media campaigns, celebrities and sweepstakes to engage with consumers, and people will respond.” Ads basically help companies prepare for future commercials and campaigns.

In addition, ibtimes.com states, “‘One factor that drives [Super Bowl ad sales] more than anything else is fear, because the Super Bowl has grown to be such a big deal, particularly among companies who have done it regularly,’ Parker said. ‘If they dropped out and sales did decline these guys would be hung out to dry.’” Companies are scared of going bankrupt due to other companies stealing their customers.

So many people wonder why on Earth would companies pay millions of dollars just for one commercial during the Super Bowl. But they don't know how beneficial it could be if it becomes successful. It can help boost the campaign and some people are afraid of going bankrupt. Companies might change their minds about paying millions for one commercial. But only time will tell when and why.

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