Militarization of the Gator Nation How War Becomes Fun

After you showed us the glamorization of war in class with the magazine spread, I began to think about this assignment in more depth. I focused my spark story and how the Gainesville Community, specifically organizations in the University of Florida Community somewhat highlights and makes war something inviting and attractive. I chose a specific date function that a trio of sororities have each year in January or February called "Draft-a-Date". This Date function is where girls in each sorority ask someone and they go to a venue downtown and it becomes an extremely large event with hundreds of people.

For those that are asked on the "Draft-a-Date" function, they each receive a dog tag which they wear on the date function. This takes the militarization to a new level where they use traditional army and military identification and make it something fun and desirable to wear.
In addition to the night of fun and dog tags to wear during the function, people can have the option to order shirts for their dates. These shirts are normally highly coveted and wanted by most people because it marks people as a sign of popularity but also I noticed that there are very indicative of war images with the bald eagle wearing aviators with the American Flag imprinted on them. Even though the date function may last for only one night, these shirts go onward and people remember the date function and the sort of jealousy that they wish they could have been asked.
These are my three friends last year at "Draft-a-Date", (I got their permission to use this picture but if we could keep just in class). They represent the typical dress that you would see at the date function with the typical images of "Army" or "Navy" almost turned on their heads. There is a traditional sense of military theme but also juxtaposed with short and somewhat sexual theme to something so terrible as war. This can be seen with the traditional sense of military tattoos on people's arms being replaced with Greek letters, making the military something fun and that you want to be a part of. Also when people are asked on the date function the term "drafted" is used with the dog tags, truly trying to emulate the experience of going to war but in a fun and sort of whimsical atmosphere which makes war a common theme in our everyday lives.

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