Graphic Portrait Obaid Alam

Melon Head

Renaissance Portrait

The photo I chose was drawn by Domenico Robusti: Portrait of a Man (Francesco Bassano). The reason why I choose this photo is because the man exemplifies elegance and class. Looking into the soul of the admirer it draws you in with it's classy yet modern pose. When developing this photo I decided to have some 'Inception' within the Photo; this is when problems began to occur. My face being translucent showed the portrait behind it, thus to solve this problem I created a mask and darkened the specific area beneath the hair. Knowing I could have erased a portion of the portrait seemed to easy thus I choose the other way, despite the outcome not being as nice I chose the learning choice over aesthetics.

Steve Carty

Front-light Hard Light Booming

The leftmost light is soft, and I have chosen the model to turn his head left and tilt it down. By doing this I was aiming to make Carty seem more mysterious, part of his face is shroud by shadows and it seems like he is fading away into the background. This pulls out a 'cooler' and more tall/dark persona out of Carty. The middle portrait is center light and it's exposure is very high. This image contrasts the previous image, nothing is being hiding and Steve seems surprise. I wanted to seem as if he is being blessed, the heavy white light coming down and Steve's eye's closed as if he's receiving a gift from god. Last picture is of Nathaniel, he has a booming light over him. Shading some parts of the face and arm once again I tried to attain the 'mysterious' look. Another detail I tried to bring out in the shoot is his muscle texture, with booming it could seem like he had bigger abdominal. From Steve I learned lighting can make or break your picture, setting up the lighting properly will reduce the amount of work whereas if lighting isn't setup to standard it will make the model look bad. One example of this is when Steve showed us how to make people look older, if you use that lighting on a fitness model it will make them look bad. Knowing how Lighting can make or break a photo shoot I will remember to be more sure of the shape, scene and model and not hesitate to change them in the least.

Surreal Portrait


10 Thumbnail

3 Rough

Original Inspiration

For my Surreal Design I was inspired by the picture of someone fading into nothing. I wanted to implement something like it, however needed my face in it thus I made it seem like my face was fading away. Originally I wanted myself to fade into space, but the difficulty with that was: instead of having this cool fade away I seemed to just be missing pieces. Thus I decided to add a subnet mask with a stretched face and make a fading of that as well. This was also the coolest part, learning about a different version of layers, also learning about how you can import new brushes I learned Photoshop is more modifiable than I thought.

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