2018 GAB Radio Talent Institute May 7 - 16, 2018


Opening Comments from Journalism Department Head, Janice Hume; Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Dean, Dr. Charles Davis; Georgia Association of Broadcasters President, Bob Houghton; Director of Special Events and Student Leadership, Karen Andrews; and National Radio Talent System President, Dan Vallie

"You and Your Broadcasting Career" taught by Heidi Raphael

"Radio's Digital Content & Social Media" taught by Zac Morgan

Network and hang out with industry professionals at a local establishment almost every night of the Radio Talent Institute.

Students throughout the 10 day Institute receive certification and become Radio Marketing Professionals through the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Lunch for the days of the Institute are included in the registration fee. Students will receive a voucher for on-campus dining at check-in on day 1


RAB Training Module #2 - "Prospecting - Finding and Evaluating Prospects" taught by Mike Watkins

RAB Training Module #3 - "Getting First Call Appointments" and Module #4 - "How to Conduct a Great Client Needs Analysis" taught by Mark Haddon

RAB Training Module #5 - "Elements of a Good Written Proposal" and Module #6 - "The Difference between Features and Benefits" taught by Chuck Thompson

RAB Training Module #7 - "Understanding Competitive Media" and Module #8 - "Why Radio" taught by Sanders Hickey



GAB Radio Talent Institute students board transportation to Atlanta

"Marketing Atlanta Braves Baseball" taught by Adam Zimmerman

"Sports Broadcasting" taught by Mike Conti

"Atlanta Falcons Play-by-Play & Sports Broadcasting" taught by Wes Durham


GAB Radio Talent Institute students are back on the University of Georgia campus

RAB Training Module #12 - "Addressing Objections and Closing" and Module #13 - "More Sales through Buyer Style Identification" taught by KJ Allen

"Basics of Doing a Great Music Radio Show" taught by Greg Ausham

"Marketing and Promotions - Doing it Right" taught by Lori Flowers

"Engineering: RF & IT" taught by Mike Lawing


"Frank & Wanda in the Morning" live from the Radio Talent Institute room

Students watch what happens in front and behind the mic and how a morning show team prepares for the daily broadcast

RAB Training Module #17 - "Goal Setting and Time Management" taught by Rick Caffey

"Student to Superstar" taught by Kent Dunn


"Music Scheduling - How & Why" taught by Brian Thomas

"Public Broadcasting Today" taught by Ellen Reinhardt

"How to Get a Good Job" taught by Don Anthony

Once the sessions for the day end, industry professionals stay for air check sessions where students play their air checks, reels, online portfolios, etc. for them. The students receive feedback to prepare them as successful broadcasting professionals. Students are able to update their air checks throughout the 10 days on campus.


(Even the professionals sometimes need a break... Radio Talent Institute students have Sunday off. This is a great time for them to update air checks, explore the area, and network with fellow Radio Talent Institute students. Those relationships are just as important as the connections students make with the speakers.)


"On-Air Delivery, Inflection, Pacing, Communicating" taught by Madison James

"Branding & Imaging a Radio Station... On-Air & On-Line" taught by Louie Diaz

"Today's News Radio: Put It Together & Deliver It" taught by Sandra Parrish

"Talk Radio" taught by Doug Turbull


"Basics of Great Voice Work - How Not to Sound Like an Announcer" taught by Kelley Buttrick

"What You Have to Know to be the Program Director" taught by Brian Michel and Dan Hunt

"Adjusting from College to the Pros" panel led by Dr. Dale Van Cantfort with Emily Ward, Kelley Bradshaw, and Joel Silverberg

DAY 10

"What the PD Looks for in You" taught by Chris Eagan

"On-Air: Developing Your Voice, Your Style... You" taught by Adam Bomb

"Now is the Time to Start Thinking Like a Pro" taught by Allen Power

Closing Comments by Georgia Association of Broadcasters President, Bob Houghton and Dan Vallie

We are so proud of our Radio Talent Institute students. We're beyond thankful to have a supportive group at Grady College help make the 5th GAB Radio Talent Institute so successful. Again, many thanks to all the faculty; campus engineer, Jim and his great production team; and university photographer, Sarah.

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