Scientific Research caitlynn collins - Class 1 - May 12 - Genus: Panthera


-the production of offspring through a sexual or asexual process

This graph shows the amount of male and female tiger births every month over the course of a year.

On February 8 of 2017, three Malayan baby tigers were born at the Cincinnati Zoo. These tiger's birth brought hope to the entire endangered species since there are only 500 Malayan tigers in the world. Currently the cubs are at a nursery because new mothers do not know what to do and will sometimes kill their children. Above is the full link to the current event article.

Consume Energy

-taking in energy and using it for growth

This graph shows the pounds of food a White Tiger consumes in comparison to a Lion.

The article above discusses the death of a zoo keeper by a rare, angry tiger. Stacey Konwiser was killed by a 14 year old tiger. When people were interviewed about her death, they were unsure what she did to alarm the tiger since she works there regularly. An expert from Animal Planet was not surprised by the attack.

Growth and development

-growth: size or in numbers

-development: continuous change in size, shape, behavior, or function

This graph shows how a tiger grows through a lifetime.

Above is a link to an article by Chris Hallam who studied Tigers in Thailand. He is apart of the Panthera organization. Hallam was in Thailand to study and protect Tigers

respond to stimuli

-provoked reactions based on the environment

Tigers have tried to protect themselves because of humans hunting them. They are now an endangered species.

The article above discusses who would win if a tiger and a lion fought. It discusses how the environment and other factors would affect the fight. It also compares the animals size and weight.

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