Tom Sawyer the intervue

Hi Tom my name is Thomas Beauchemin I can do a intervue with you?

Yes is ok you can do it a intervue with me.

1.Tom, why do you live with aunt Polly?

Because my parent is dead.

2.Tom how your parents are dead?

They are dead in a boat accident.

3.Tom you found Becky beautiful do you want her for your girlfriend?

Yes I want

4.Do you think Becky wants you for boyfriend?

Yes I think

5.In the chapter one why do you said to your freind are cool paint the fence?

Because I was tire to paint.

6.Why do you are late everyday at the school?

Because I don't like school.

7.Why you think the ghost belive?

Because when I had 5 years old I see one.

8.Are you afraid when you see Injun Joe kill the doctor Robison?

Yes very afraid.

9.Why do you said to Huck you wants a pipe?

Because I want Huck found me cool.

10.Do you like smoking?

oh no!

11.Why you don't ask the trial was Injun Joe the killer?

Because I was afraid

12.Are you afraid in the cave?

No because I knew the city want to found us.

13.are you happy to Injun Joe is dead?

Yes very happy.

14.Are you happy when you found the tresaure in the chapter six?

Yes me and Joe was very happy.

15.What do you do with the money?

I kept trees hundred but I keep the money for the future.

Thank you Tom for the intervue and good bey.


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